Flying beasts only probably is air defences

Try dropping 2 far left and 2 far right. Put the rest in between a few second later. This will direct the attack a bit more accurate towards your desired target. This way you will always 3 star a th8 with level 2 or higher. Level 4 dragons can 3 star a th9 with 4 lighting and 2 earthquake spells. My favourite troop for clan wars!

They are awesome high damage troops! They are sometimes moderately hard to control but you just have to know where to place them and when to us them. Air defenses take them down easily, so it's frustrating when they go for, like the gold BESIDE the air defense while it shoots them! Overall awesome though!

Skill is necessary when using dragons but personally they never have come to my use at all. Once I deployed them evenly in areas of air defense but that did not work out and I only got 49 percent damage. Considered I have level 1 I cut it a few slacks.

This is a foolproof, two-star strategy using dragons. First, deploy twelve dragons in a spearhead formation. Then after scoring 20 to 30 percent destruction deploy clan unit (must be dragons or won't work). Deploy the rage spell amongst the dragons now. Finally,watch the scene of awesome destruction and chaos spreading among the enemy base!

THEY SHOULD BE KNOWN AS THE TROOP OF DESTRUCTION or pekka should be known as that but the dragon is a flying troop so if a pekka and a dragon battled to the death a pekka would actually lose to the dragon

This is the best troop in the gam because they fly over walls and do massive damage. Air defenses gut hurt them but if you have rage spells you can the them out easily!

Dragons are the best if you funnel them through the center of the base. Everyone who hates dragons doesn't appreciate the awesome power of DRAGON FIRE.

Dragons are cool. I use them in almost all my raids. Sometimes they backfire though. Like when they all go after the town hall and get taken down easily.

I honestly think that these guys should be number two right behind balloons. Although, I do agree that these guys do deserve lots of credit.

Dragons are really the best I have always done a 3 star whenever I have used them, I am good at Funneling so I can easily use them in clan wars and trophy pushing.

Dragon is great when attacking with large numbers, but an attack like that has little to no elixir profit, not to mention how stupid the dragon AI is. "Should I attack this air defense that's currently wrecking me, or the Gold Storage that has like nothing in it... ? I'll go storage..."

Half the time they are getting shot at by an archer tower and they don't care they just go for all the resources in stead of going for the archer tower

12 dragons and add a rage spell and BOOM everything in the area is gone in less than 5 seconds - haxx42

Not a good choice. 12 dragons at town hall 10+ will get a one star at most on an average base of th10+ - Rrrtttyyyuuuiii

I think dragons are good. I can't use them cause I'm only th6. I've seen my friend use it though and it's really good. Can't wait to upgrade th

The dragon is the best because if a ground attacker trying to attack a dragon there wont be any attack affecting to the dragon

Always use them because people don't know how important the air defenses are and don't upgrade them so their the best troop

I have rarely been let down my my dragons at level 3. Combine them with rage and they are unstoppable

Well it's nice to use drag army with spells and easy for eliminating clan Castle troops and also has lots of advantages

The army I use is 4 Dragons 57 Minions and three Rages. It works so well, a good all round for trophy pushing and loot raiding.

They do great things like damage the bad thing is they cost a lot

Also dragon is the best troop in defense. If you deal with air-defences, infernos, the Queen and x-bows almost nothing can go wrong in an mass dragon. Also goes well with all the air troops except from the healer (she can't heal air troops)

Very expensive. Exposed target. Seems like everyone here is over reacting. Does not deserve to be top troop.

Pekka may be stronger, but this troop can attack air and ground defenses and has so much health and damage.