At high levels you simply can't do without Golems! Use them with Healers to protect the Queen, King and wizards/archers and you'll get at least 2 stars! They really can take a lot of damage, protect your heroes from X-bow and tesla towers fire, while they and the other troops wipe out the base.

Awesome for soaking up damage and defense kind of bad for offense unless you send them out first for cover

I love golems but they are only good for go wipe raids only

Practically A PEKKA and a Giant combined

They have a lot of health but thy don't really have a lot of damage

They are very strong and when thy die they split in two to carry on the fight

Tankers...The only troop in game to be used with any other ground troop

Golem is a tank and soaks up lots of damage.

Pretty much every ground three star strategy uses them

Tough and great smear shields. Slow but effective

I don't know what people are talking about with most health out of any troop, Lava Hounds have more.

It may have a chance to beat pekka in a fight

I love golems. They are my favorite troop.

Golem is better than barbarians

They are so tank and take most damage in your armies

I not like golem it is slow but best 2 life combo

This mighty rocky creatures are the kings

Golems are great because they are very strong and when one of them dies it splits into 2 golemites which is a great advantage when raiding

Golems are great! They are especially good with rage spells. They also have a lot of hitpoints, but they take a long time to destroy a wall. - micahisthebest

Golems are awesome! Although they might take some time to destroy walls, deploy 5 of them and it'll be great! - micahisthebest

Really they can smash through anything, it can take heaps of hits from even an xbow or inferno tower

Golem attack defences like giants but they live longer and what happen if it die little golemite born

Soaking plenty of dmg and giving time and space for heroes and wizards to act

Sick troop that's involved in every ground attack th8+ and even a few air attacks such as golaloon - HazzaInHisMazda

I got to say Golem's are the most important part of the gowipe because the hidden teslas will attack them insted of the P.E.K.K.A