Hog Rider


They can jump over walls! They work well together. Last time I did an all hog attack I got three stars. AWESOME! They go for defenses which is amazing. And they are super fast.

Hog riders jump over walls and do high damage but there health goes a way a little fast so yeah but other than that they are amazing I actually got a 3 star and it was in war so that was pretty cool!

Walls can't slow them down and go after defenses best of both worlds

I use these guys all the time they are very effective (depending on what base u attack). Their health ain't to shabby and they can jump over walls and go after defenses.

Love hog riders! Will always 3 star a clustered base where bombs are outside the base

Hogs should be number one because they have a really powerful hammer can jump over walls and 2 of them can knock out a level 7 base if they are at least level 3.

Hog riders are my go to troop, send them in to destroy an air defense and put in some healers and they take down the base for you.

Hog Riders are great because you can deploy them to get the defences and then you can put down the rest of your troops! - micahisthebest

Hog riders are amazing. The main thing is that they can jump over walls, then three or four BAMs, and a mortar is down.

Hogs should be rated #1 they have low training time can jump over walls target defenses they are way better than dragons dragons suck

This troop should be way higher on the list. When employed in numbers, they can take out very high level bases.

They are way better than giants because they jump over walls and do a lot of dame and their really fast way faster than giants

Hog riders are best as they attack defenses and can jump over any level walls and fast as they are not caught by spring traps

Awesome in combination with other troops. The ability to go over walls makes a significant impact on the battle.

Higher level high riders can destroy ultimately any base. They are great and powerful.

I like the hog rider but most you tubers I know like the goblin even though it's weak the pekka is my favorite lol

They can jump over walls and take down defensive structures. Needs skill to use.

They don't have that much health but are great at offense and penetrating the inner town hall defenses

Hog riders are so unique they can jump over walls, attack defences, and are almost on every commercial

This troop should be 1#! They're fast, they have a high DPS, THEY JUMP OVER WALLS, they have a reasonable amount of hit points, they target defences and have low training speed! The only thing that can stop these beasts are giant bombs and inferno towers!

They are unstoppable if you use about 35 at once when they are raged they will destroy all bases

Because hog riders target defenses. They are the obvious best troop for all at and under TH 8.

This troop is way op in mass. If you use giants wiz hogs that strategy is almost unbeatable!

The have crazy attack and can jump over walls. Also cheep to train. groups of them are crazy

Agreed. Except now take in more damage when hitting a giant bomb only problem