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21 Bowler

These troops are awesome for taking out buildings behind buildings

Throws huge boulders between buildings and causes double destruction.

Very good splash damage

Bowlers are sooo good but I'm exspecting a nerf soon

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22 Miner

The miner is invincible underground and using all 144 slots (max base) you can 1 hit everything in under one second, this leaves them up for less then one second meaning 1 shot or less will be shot at them. They are too overpowered.

Don't have it, but I've seen gameplay with it and it's awesome

Miners are super op, and you can actually just spam 'em all in one place and they'll almost always get 2star, sometimes even 3stars.

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23 King PEKKA

If there would be king Pekka People would win all war

This is I wanted to be created by some one

Who the hell is the king pekka If he would be relesed that would be the end

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24 Eagle Artillery

Place in the middle of your base. This will stop golems from destroying your bad4

What I I upgraded my eagle artillary and I get 1 stared or 2 stared every raid I should get 0 stared

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25 Grand Warden

How is the Grand Warden lower than FAKE troops?! I mean, he's not all that great, but that's why he's used for support rather than power like the Archer Queen or Barbarian King. Hopefully over time this list will clean up. - SunfireCobra

His supporting to other troops is amazing and he can save your pekka, for example, from a single target inferno with his ability.

They are less powerful than other heroes but heal crazily fast

I love grand warden his ability eternal tome heals lots and I upgraded him to level 18 befoere my king and queen wre lvl34

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26 Baby Dragon

Yes! As I'm writing this, the baby dragon and the miner have just come out 3 days ago. Everyone was hoping supercell added troops to clash of clans from clash royale, and they finally did. The only weird thing is that the baby dragon requires a higher leveled barracks than the dragon. I don't know about you, but in war, I'd rather have an adult on my side than a baby.

If you can circle a base with baby dragons they get raged and do more damage

The baby is much more cool than the adult.

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27 Goblin Prince

I really hate them. As goblins are already bad this Goblin Prince is even more bad.

Huh? Farmer barbarians and now goblin price again? Who are they?

Goblin are not real but in this something mad has been done

Wow at least a new troop

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28 Prince Wizard V 1 Comment
29 Godson

This name is good

Who is godson?!

It is not w goblin prince...


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30 Musketeer

Musketeers are literally just wizards but instead of the spell the musketeer uses a musket. The prince would be a cool new hero though

The funny thing is this troop is in clash royale

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31 Snowman

Let it snow let it snow never let it go the cold never bothered me anyway

32 Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus, meaning "tyrant lizard", from the Ancient Greek tyrannos, "tyrant", and sauros, "lizard" is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur.

Very epic.. If it comes none of you will survived! He will crush everything!

What the heck this is above lightning spell and its not a thing

Tyrannosaurus would be awesome if they added it.

They do 345 damage and have 9899 hit points

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33 MasterOv V 2 Comments
34 Evil Gems

I love Evil Gems they do 666 thousand damage and eat goblins for breakfast 10/10 best troop.

35 GoWiPe V 3 Comments
36 Ghost Tower

Goblins(x2 Damage)
Wizards,Witch,Minion & Lavahounds are the only troops that can attack Ghost Tower.

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37 Jump Spell

Doesn't sound very helpful allows your troops to jump over walls? Some troops can already do that and wall breakers are cheaper than a spell and can break walls for the troops that can't jump over.

Its no good if you have hogs. I've only used once and will not use again..

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38 Santa Spell

Santa Spell usually comes in winter season

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39 Gem Box

Gem box is great to have but it is not a troop. It does nothing but sit there

Gem boxes are good if you remove it they give you 25 gems

It rocks I use it for collecting gems I use gems for upgradeing town hall I have upgraded town hall to level 8 with it

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40 Larry

Possibly considering the attack style and damage its able to take.

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