Pekka does literally 500 damage at maxed out. Not to mention nearly 4000 hp. Sorry mate, the dragon has no chance against the PEKKA. However in the new update the release of the Electro Dragon has to be taken into account. Does the Electro Dragon go under the category of "dragons"? If so the Electro Dragon is WAY better than the PEKKA. First of all the Electro Dragon has WAY more attack or hp over the PEKKA. In addition to that its got the "air troop" advantage. Its like mixing a Pekka with a dragon: the ultimate troop. And that's what the Electro Dragon is. The power and health of a PEKKA and the air troop advantage of the dragon. Not to mention the OP destroyed damage which is approx. 1000. This means if the troop is killed it does 1000 damage to nearby buildings right before death. I think pekka and dragon are equal, but Electro Dragon really is the best troop of Semester 1 2018. If there was a category for Electro Dragob I would vote for it. "But then why couldn't you just vote ...more - Yondar123

The PEKKA is a very durable and strong troop. It deals lots of damage upon hit and has lots of health. Clear the outside buildings on one side of the base with wizards then put a few of these bad boys down with rage spells and they will go to work!

P.E.K.K.A with barb king and some wiz and one barbarian could destroy townhall 2 - 9 if wiz level 4 pekka level 5 wiz and barb king level 10 barb any level. So this is how you do it first you have to put the barbarian to see if there are any clan castle troops then put 2 pekka on he right side and left with two wiz the put the rest of the pekka the rest of the wiz and put the barb king. Now spells use 1 poison and 2 earthquake 1 freeze 1 rage 1 skeleton 1 hast that you could use when you want

P.E.K.K.A are better than wizards because they have more life and can deal a great amount of damage on it's targets. While wizards have a lot of attack they can be easily taking out with another troop to protect it. The P.E.K.K.A should be number 2 on this list.

The P.E.K.K.A. has obsurdly high health and damage. It can take out max level heroes, and although it is not the fastest troop in the game, she still has a decent movement speed. I would vote the dragon after P.E.K.K.A. since its stats are fairly close, and it comes and has better range. Those are her only weaknesses, along with Tesla's.

The P.E.K.K.A deals tons of damage and unlike the dragon is unaffected by traps and can kill heroes. Dragons can easily be killed by A.D. but P.E.K.K.A's only weakness is hidden teslas. P.E.K.K.A should be #1 on this list in my opinion.

Perfect enraged knight killer of Assassin's (P.E.K.K.A) is so powerful that no ground unit can defeat her. How is dragon above pekka? Dragon can be easily killed by air defenses but pekka there is no defenses which can easily kill pekka

Pekka make great support troops, attacking troops, and tank troops, no other unit in the game is as versatile as Pekka, she's just a little slow and a little pricy that's all

You can't find like them most defenses can't take 2 hit from the pekka

No. This is not a good troop. Just because they do lots of damage doesn't mean that its good. Its attack is incredibly slow and its almost no help. The only time they three star is when a base is super open. The pekka sucks.

I would say the pekka is the best troop. It has the highest damage per second at level one than any other max level troop. To make it even more powerful, the pekka at max level is more power full than a level 45 barbarian king. Suprising, right?. It can also take out most buildings in a single blow.

PEKKA IS A GOD OF DESTRUCTION! It is op in health and attack and when you put it with a rage and heal they wreck anything in their path. If your fighting a PEKKA your screwed.

I think pekka should be at first and dragons at third because pekka are stronger than dragons and pekka can also absorb the mightiest blows

Pekka attack causes a huge damage and can kill a archer queen 1 shot they are cool

Pekka is a fantastic fighter. 1 pekka can Chang the match. I will fight for pekka

They are the best because I got attacked by only 8 and the person 3 stared me

Pekka takes so much spacing I think the best strategy is bowler or miner strategy is best

A one unit killing machine. They are the cannon fodder for my other troops, but their high damage makes them useful when other troops die. Pekka withages allows me to attack bases higher than my level, or ones fully defended at my level and I almost never lose (I get at least a star, usually 2-3).

Pekka's are stupid, crazy, idiotic, and never goes where you want them to. The are one of the worst troops, they like to hit walls by the way. They also don't care about their life, as they stand there looking stupid while Hidden Teslas area zapping them. Pekkas always pretend to be cool, but they are actually stupid.

When I got the P.E.K.K.A, my place became SO much nicer since I was winning and winning! BY FAR THE BEST TROOP THERE IS

Pekka is so much more powerful than the barbarian king

They are hard to take down and have a powerful attack

She is damn op, even can kill barbarian king easily and it is a lot more cheaper than barbarian king. My max level P.E.K.K.A is insane!

Pekka is the most important troop for th level 9 players. Pair a few with golem and wiz and a couple jump spells and it's game over

Pekka is best troop 1 shot's most buildings by kush

P.E.K.k.A is amazing it has the toughest armour in all elixir based troop and also has a high damage