Why do people hate it good health nice power can attack at least 5 targets just a lil pricy

Valkyries are extremely powerful and deserve to go higher on the list because they can attack more than one target at a time

Pekka without armour, wiz with more health, but no range. And quite quick moving. Both of which are 2+3 here. A combo of them, Valkyrie, should be at least 4 on this list, if not #1!

THey are beast that don't stop killing awesome update too go for 2 defense.

I always use valkyries in attacks. With the right mix, she is deadly.

Valkyrie because her axe can hit multiple people also it can hit troops that surrounds her with her 360 axe attack

It's a substitute to pekka and have a lot of damage hit points and less housing space

Valkyries are amazing because hey can take out 2 things at once and are very strong but also very annoying.

Valkyrie is hard to see if there is tons of barbs, son just donate one valkyrie and tons of barbs

This is better than dragons, they are great attacking and defending!

Valkyries are the best. Her Health and power of killing many troops and destroying two buildings make them the best.

Valkyries are the best in defense of the attackers don't first check for clan castle troops. - Oliveleaf

A Valkyrie is too powerful when you send 40 barbs level 2,1 Valkyrie is enough to trash all barbs

This is the best defending champion for ground troops

Valkyries are pretty strong. But but they have to worry about inferno towers

Have a good hp, damages a lot and can hit multiple targets at the same time.

It is best troop let it go to first all vote it

Valkyrie destroy multiple things at once. They are one of the best

Valkyrie is the best troop because she attack 2 things in one time

All my barbarians die instantly with this troop! Then I immediately pressed surrender - MChkflaguard_Yt

It's a amazing troop and it is so powerful and it destroys two buildings in one time only

They are the bests their power are good and are so smart

Annoying as crap with the high pitch screams, but dang it they're just so strong!

Valkyrie super for defense but not against dragons

It's much better than pekka in any situation. Try it.