The new level 3 witch kicks some serious butt! Keep them away from defenses and they summon an amazing army of skeletons, each skeleton about as good as a barb.

The witch is in my opinion the best troop because she spawns skeletons AND attacks at the same time, which makes her rather overpowered.

Great cause they supply many more barb level troops and if you were to train an army of them you would basically earn 5 times the troops that you already have

If shes kept from battle she can summon 20-30 skeletons without being touched

Witches are BEAST they spawn up so many skeletons that it adds up to about 59 if none taking down

I think the witch is very powerful because defenses have to kill more enemies

Witch is an awesome troop! With no hit points! A cannon can finish her off in 3 sec!

I faced one of those once with giant healer. Oh gosh she is so annoying

A horde of witches with rage spells do a lot of damage. Witches rock!

Good, but one lightning spell can kill it. - Oliveleaf

Witch with clone spell and some wizards.

She is so beast if you have a couple of them the skeletons will take out Heros in seconds!

Witches DO stink if you use healers against them... The healer would pick the SKELETON

These are beast how are they not top 3?

6 Witches running in the background can decimate any base.

Cheapest for it's upgrading proportion with advancing!

Witch is the best why you place it in 11th place?

Witches are great when far from battle

Keep her out of reach and she kicks ass!

We need witch as she can make an army

I usually attack with 20 witches and I got 160 skeletons woohoo!

It is the strongest and the BEST!

I disagree I think witches should be at the top since they can sommun more and more and more skelotons making here untouchable

If you use a witch army you can three star even th9 maxed out bases... Yess it's true...!

Witch has extremely lw hp. Thus it is of no use if a defense is near. Till the time defences are destroyed by giants she has to wait and then it is of no use.It is worse when single.