Using around 15 or 18 with 3 healers for 3 squads you can use a tripod style attack with 18 giants (6 per squad) with 5 minions and 14 archers at high levels this load out can devastate most bases.

Mass wizards can be absolutely awesome. Place them behind heavy units like the Giants or pekka or golem, and they will wreck a path of absolute destruction through the enemy lines while the meat shield takes up all the heavy damage.

What the... How is Wizard second place? They are so slow! I also don't get why their so high in the barracks. Whenever I use them I have like 10 but 5 seconds later there's none only barbs archers etc still fighting.

Wizards are excellent support troops, they can dish out heavy damage and complete the raid faster. They are awesome troops for almost any composition. I love to use them. They are awesome.

They are smart, don't attack butterflies, and overall are good at eliminating those tough defenses with an amazing damage rate.

Wizards are the bomb! Those guys are very powerful and can attack from far away like archers can but of course much more powerful and better health. Wizards defiantly deserve #2

Wizards can do splat damage that helps a lot to kill defending clan troops!

They are the best because they have long range when upgraded they are hard to beat and mixed in with other things like giants and dragons would be super hard for any base

Wizards behind Giants or golems will wreck their base only if you have level five wizards, otherwise this deserves to be number two. Wizards on defense are boss.

These things, with a healer and rage spell, can easily 3 star a base. As a town hall 8, I use archers, giants, wizards and dragons and it wins almost every time.

It's quite good. It can do immense damage to the base. If you use it behind the giants and balloons, it can be very useful and totally help the giants out

Easily the best troop on Clash of Clans, there damage and to an extent the health they have. Great troop to go with giants

The wizard is an archer but does WAY more damage, he is a clumsy Afro dude and has his own tower, if somebody did all wizards, their sure to win!

The Wizard is one of the best troops in the game, hands down. All you need is a tank like a Golem or two or some Giants, and the Wizards will absolutely demolish behind them. I use them in all my ground attacks. In fact, EVERYONE should use them in all their ground attacks! Dragons are only good for a two-star attack most of the time. Wizards, on the other hand, are used in almost all the great attacks out there, like GoWiWi and GoWiPe. - SunfireCobra

Wizards do a lot of damage. I leave one wizard to destroy one thing. But they are out very fast.

This is the best troop as if you will use two or three giants and a few wizards then the canons will be sorted off

For a dragon/wizard strategy, wizards are awesome for destroying outside air defenses with healing spells.

I love wizards they are awesome and can do a lot of damage and its like a football match watching their raids

Best all around troop. They have a use in almost any attack.

Wizards are to slow I forgot to deploy them in corners with the builder huts and I lost three way to slow

Wizard is a good troops, let them follow Golem or Pekka it is easy to 3* with Wizard

They are amazing I would use them to hit defense when I have no hogs they are great on lv 3 they are strong long range attacking and you can uses that for clan castle troops like if barbs are coming towards them they can take it out without being damaged

Great damage! Very useful in every type of attack

The capacity is only 4 and and they do a great damage but take a little! They are the best I think.

Can be used at almost any town hall level and is great with many diverse attack strategies. - Rrrtttyyyuuuiii