Best Clash of Clans YouTubers

Clash of clans has some good you tubers. but who r the best and why. please comment below.

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1 Camarobro

Best noob trolling bases, And he dose not buy gems like all the other clash of clans you tubers

Informative as well as a great videos. Fun to watch those funny intros and he just open to us...And lastly, Cam doesn't suck at attacking!

He is always energetic and doesn't buy gems like almost all other YouTubers he shows people who don't have the money to buy gems how to do good in clash of clans.

Known for his cussing, he likes to cuss when ever he wants, and shows good noob bases.

2 Chief Pat (PlayClashOfClans)

Chief Pat is overrated. Anything you find on Master Ov's Channel or Godson's Channel is the same as whats on this channel. He isn't that great of a clasher because he gems like crazy.

He has been top 200 out of 100 million people. Plus, he did not use much gems by then.

He's bad. No intro or outro. He doesn't work for his videos

He has the best strategies!

3 Clash of Clans Comedy

As said on the Channel, he is a comedian. Always make my day

Very funny. Knows how to make you laugh. Stupid raids. Helpful tips. Gems like crazy.

Funny really nice guy that helps with every thing

He is very funny and I am 9 I love his videos he is better in every way go clash of clans comedy!


Funny man knows a lot about the game and knows how to explain things very well. All videos are entertaining

Extremely hilarious. I watch every video of his for entertainment and he helps a lot for ground and air raids.

Very funny and always explains how he's going to raid which helps a lot

On of the best

5 Godson

He has a lot of funny videos that are informative as well as hilarious to watch

I like when Godson predicts. Like when he predicted the Goblin King or you can upgrade builders huts.

What is your clan name and I like your video so much

Most entertaining one who actually puts effort into his videos

6 Daddy

Is the most clever one I see. Like the other on the list but love Daddy!

7 Molt

Has awesome base designs and deserves respect for at least top 5

He's funny and knows how to make cool bases

He's my favorite you tuber of all time

And rate my base and YouTube

8 General Tony

GENERAL TONY IS THE BEST! I am a daily viewer of him and he is even in the top 1000 of the world!

You are very good with you're th9 account but maybe max everything out without using gems. I love your videos

The best I have sone. I am a daily viewer of him. His video of his home tour is the best he have done. Go on rocking general.

He is the best by a mile!

9 Galadon

Ok first of all he created peter 17 $ and made many people have a taste of laughter and he also is the only youtuber who works in supercell so who else could else could have
shared things you could get banned for and share it with the world and supercell anyways he is awesome

Is famous known for his voice as the number one comedian of clash of clans, Peter17$

Really helps a lot, very smart, very nice, and peter17$ is great!

He's amazing fantastic awesome he's tips are really helpful

10 King Landon (NoteworthyGames)

He's awesome no doubt

He is very famous for his twitch, if you want ballonion strategy, watch him! Also he made it to champions. he never gives up and that's why he's number2.

I love your balloonion strategy and your "how to get a ton of loot" videos they really helped!

I think his clas actif

The Contenders

11 Teach Boom Beach

He is the best of all no questioning

Nice I am in boom beach.

He is the best at boom and clash cause gem to max like every week

He is known more for Boom Beach, but still a excellent Clasher

12 Godson Clash of Clans

A different account of Godson where he shows on his special ipad 300 golems and witches exc.


13 OneHiveRaids

Should be in top 3 easily. Many of these guys are just comic relief and space filler. When they show real attacks of their own, you see what they are made of. Jake and only a few others seem to actually know 3 star clan war strategy.

If you want to learn anything about clash and not just a ton of jokes and gemming, Jake is your man. He inspired me to make my clan get better at wars and start our own channel to teach people how to raid.

Best way to become 3 star Clasher

The Best of the Best!

14 Peter17$

He is amazing. He won Clash of Clans TWICE! He was the first player to recognize the value of gym boxes and to destroy them in battles. He created the sneaky archers! He is funny and professional. Much better than Gallydon. Peter reaches perfection in all of his attacks. He got banned, but THAT’S NOT ROIGHT!

He's really funny unlike coc comedy

Is the only Clash of Clans YouTuber that has won Clash of Clans. Is hilarious but sounds serious in the way he does things. Claims to be better than Galadon (which he is).


15 Beaker's Lab

Unlike these other you tubers... Beak makes videos of clash every week... Unlike the usual only updating because of game updates, 2016

Definitely one of the best Clash YouTubers, has good content and good variety

The BEST Farmer among all of the YouTubers. Very funny and enjoyable!

The best farmer in all of clash... Just watch some of his videos then you will know yourself

16 The Alvaro 845

He has over 400K subscriber, he is always uploading new videos, almost every day, he is from Spain so all his videos are in Spanish, I'd say he is the best Clash of Clan YouTuber in Spanish

Si buscas un buen YouTuber en español que muestre clash of clans, este es un buen tio!

17 ClashOnGan

The first Clash of Clans YouTube Channel I subscribed to. Good for Beginners but as soon as you get to know the game a bit better you can't learn anything more from him. He just doesn't know how to play the game professionally.
Sometimes a 10 minute Video completely consists of self-evident things.
Since I discovered One Hive Raids I unsubscribed to ClashOnGan because I got to know what the Game really is about.

His content is at a very high quality. And I believe overall he is a very good YouTuber and I find his videos very helpfull

18 Eclihpse

His farming bases help

I simpely like the way he speaks

Epic base designs and gamepley

U rock buddy

19 Ssundee

Leonard! All I need to say.

What's your clan name

Ssundee what clan are you in?

He plays Minecraft so...

20 Klaus Gaming

Entertaining, positive, knowledgeable, Klaus is one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube!

Best clash of clans channel if you want to see F2P And informative stuff.

Klaus is the best Clash of Clans YouTuber. He is providing quality content with various video series with regular updates.

I love dis content

21 Powerbang Gaming

Powerbang ROCKS!... nice teaching of strategies... I've been using for clan wars and it is effective... thanks bro!

Real 3-star war strategies relevant to clan wars

Very Helpful and his channel is similar to onehive raids!

Now that Jake from OneHive retired from this game, this guy is the only YouTuber who shows quality clash content. His videos are informative & entertaining as well. He is the best there is right now!

22 Jrod

Has more than 100k subs along with MOlt and Galadon, but personally doesn't show the greatest gameplay but watch his mass dragons swarm bases!

He's a great casher!

23 Tobi Kaiser

Has 100 subs for good clash of clans clan wars for Quantus Web.


24 Clash With Ash

Best strategy that you can actually understand. Well spoken, good energy. Clean content.

Amazing game play videos! Great content always keeps his viewers attention and will never hate on any viewers

Puts a lot of work into videos to maximize learning. Most dense information out of all YouTubers. Also funny

How he's not in the top 15 who knows. Probably one of the best at showing current comps that work well with trophy pushing and war for 9s and 10s. Also breaks down popular bases and gives you clear explanations on how to approach taking them down. A complete channel. If you're a TH10 this is a must sub.

25 FsuAtl

Says the truth and his funny

FsuAtl is a really funny YouTuber and does lots of top 5s and rants a lot it's very good

Fsu is love fsu is life

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