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41 Ichase

He's fantastic and has a awesome clan he's great and he's great tips as well

He started as a noob and now he rocks he has a good clan and nice tips

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42 Clash of Clans - Brandon

Terrible English but an amazing clasher. Great series in which he puts lots of time. Daily uploads

An amazing Clash of Clans YouTuber who wasted millions of gems to reach level 300!

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43 TheHulkFiles

Greenman hops clan to clan to shows great war replays and talks about different war strategy. Great channel!

44 Mcsportzhawk

He is a very nice YouTuber that play clah of clans any other games. If your looking for clash of clans live attacks base layouts review from people that asks and top ten series and comedy you should deferantly subscribe to mcsportshawk

45 Dragoon Star

He's new right new but he's good and he's a nice clan

46 Clashing With Teja
47 Andre - Clash of Clans & More!

Under appreciated YouTuber who makes some good quality videos.

48 Simon Tay
49 Clash With Lemon
50 Hsoj7

Great videos, good opinions, regular giveaways! whats not to like

51 Clash with Clint

"Awesome Youtuber with one of the biggest accounts in the game" "unlike any of the other Youtubers" "Urban, industrial, funny, under rated"

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