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1 Prince

The prince SUCKS. The prince is only good if your opponent is a noob and uses the royal giant (The prince will kill the royal giant easily and then go attack your opponent's tower,) The prince can be countered so easily with cheap troops, it costs 5 elixir and does not have that much health. It may seem good in arenas 1-5 but he is so easily stopped. The mini pekka is a lot better when used properly

When first starting the game, the prince might seem great but in arena 6 and above he sucks.

Understand that the prince is an epic card and EPIC CARDS ARE 20 TIMES MORE RARE THAN RARE CARDS. When starting off, common and rare cards' level will be quite even to prince's level but its practically impossible to get prince to lv 3 before you reach the point where the prince just sucks

When your below 1500 trophies this card is good. But when you get above 2000 this card is super easy to counter. Shouldn't be number one. Sparky should be number one definitely - TheHabsFan

This card is really bad and in arenas 7 and up, no one even looks at the card when they are building new decks. What is this, a joke website?

Of Course he sucks

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2 Baby Dragon

This card is not horrible, but it isn't the best. It has moderate everything but once up to arena 6 to 9 it's pretty useless if not played correctly

Is this list made by an arena 1 player

The baby dragon is a great card, I mean what can counter it?

Its too weak to be an epic if you ask me needs more hitpoints and more damage - stoner69

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3 Hog Rider

Best for counter attacking. It targets building and has good speed and devastating damage.

Awesome, many battles at the last second I put hog rider. And I win the game

I like the hog rider because its versatile

Hog dark prince and princess is great - stoner69

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4 Zap

This is good for skeleton armies, goblins level 6 or under, and minions level 5 or under. It's also good for towers with barely any damage. Beats the poison. It's got shocking results.

Zap is Just OP you can't be good in clash Royale if you don't use zap

One of the most useful cards, and most used cards in the game.

Awesome too bad it was nerfed

5 Skeleton Army

Good in defense, but unreliable as can be killed in one zap or log - Oliveleaf

Best at defense

Skeleton Army's are great! They are good against Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Giants, X-Bows and Giant Skeletons. - micahisthebest


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6 Ice Wizard

What's the ice wizard doing so far back on this list! You see, the ice wizard is an extremely useful and devastating card when used correctly. The card can not only do splash damage to large amount of troops, it also freezes them to make them hit and move MUCH SLOWER! It can be used in defense and offense and is extremely useful. Although you should not be putting the card down before troops such as the Giant and Prince, put the higher damaging cards first and then put in a Ice wizard to destroy the pesky troops your opponent puts down in defense. Also the ice wizard only cost 3 ELIXER! I think that's a pretty good return for someone who is this low fdown on this list. Only thing which could be better would be damage. Overall, it's probably the best card in the game of how useful it is, along of how cheap it is, the card is way to underrated and should be much higher.

Not good defense. Two hits a level 3 skeleton army at level one. Better for slowing stuff in an offensive push - Yatagarasu

This was my first legendary card. I got it a while ago and I still use it. Really cool card. - GuitarMann

The Ice Wizard is really good on offense and defense although it d

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7 Golem

I'm a Golem user in the 4800 trophy range who has played golem for 9 months straight as my main deck. This card is amazing but requires a deck that maxes out its potential. Best used in a deck that mainly defends then uses the the defense to counter push. It doesn't become a great card until at least lv 5. Recommended mini Pekka, poison, elixir pump, and zap as support cards.

Definitely not the most effective, but also my favorite. I use Golem, Princess, Wizard, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Fireball, and the pump.

In my opinion Golem SUUCKS, but I keep getting golem from chests, I could almost get it to level 3 but I never want a level 3 golem

Golem x bomber x balloon is so fking op - Yatagarasu

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8 The Executioner

The executioner is OP it is like an air bowler or mix of bowler and wizard together. Bowler and wizard are great,so executioner is OP ( I am arena 10 so I have experience)

This would be #1 if all those op glitches were still present in this card.

This is why knight became meta - Oliveleaf

Best card in the game

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9 X-Bow

This is a horrible card. Super easy to counter. Not much health. And it costs six - TheHabsFan

It also takes six seconds to start working once you placed it down - Thecyanryan

Really good card

Is this list for worst cards ever

Horribe. can't even counter air units

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10 The Log

I have it, it's very useful. My second legendary. Does lots of damage and has a great range for a card that is 2 elixir. - Powerfultekin

No just no, the log is OP in the current meta everybody used ground hordes like skeleton armies and do you know what happens when you put down the log? I think you do. It is also a very versitile and cheap card because it can improve your deck for just 2 elixir - Lazo419

Once joked to be a joke of a card, the buffs made it the meta. Skarmy, princess, goblin gang, goblin barrel, or badly damaged troops get wrecked by it. It can knock back ANYTHING. If it could hit air it would be insane but we all know that's why arrows exist, right?

I have the log level 2 AND it is insane

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The Newcomers

? Heal

I got it in the tournament and it's pretty good since It can heal almost any troop to full health.

Only card that can heal in the game
3 Elixer
Can heal as much damage Poison does

? Barbarians

The Contenders

11 Electro Wizard

So annoying against sparky and inferno dragon and he stops EVERYTHING he's even becoming more annoying than elite barbs he needs a nerf - stoner69



Op high damge stun and less elixir than wizzard

12 Giant

This card is pretty great for lower arenas, but if you kill the troops behind it quickly, almost anything could counter it. Though its still pretty great, but its brother -Royal Giant- beats him to it.

I think Giant is the best card once you get to a higher level and upgrade it because it can do so much damage meanwhile it's almost impossible to kill because of its HP. Sometimes I do a big push and there killing all of my guys and suddenly I win and there tower is down. I think how did I win and then see the giant still alive punching the tower.

Try to counter prince with witch, witch survives, stick giant in front of witch. Then watch what happens to your opponents tower.

Still needs a nerf

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13 Elite Barbarians

Yes elite barbs badly need a nerf these should be #1 not prince

Yes they need a nerf every other person you fight will have elite barbarians in your deck plus it so annoying if you don't have bowler theyll use these guys then put fire spirits behind them - stoner69

It's now the best card in the game. They're very fast, strong and they have a lot of hitpoints. It's such an OP card

E barbarians is your worst nightmare, of you're opponent has it. - Disturbedpotato

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14 Witch

A level one witch summons level 6 skeletons. Deploy her to counter a prince, after that the witch will still survive and would only take one hit from a prince, no you can deploy a giant in front of her after countering the prince

This woman is not bad as it seems. When played wise, together with hordes or something like that, this can be very useful. Also, never underestimate her Skeletons she spawns, they can be very nasty.

They are good at countering troops, but they can be wasted when opponents use bombers or the valkyrie to kill it. - Oliveleaf

You can use the witch to help you defend your opponent's attack, and try to keep the witch alive after the witch stops your opponent's attack, stick a giant in front of her. the skeletons she summons do a lot of damage actually.

for example: your opponent deploys a prince and barbarians, you can deploy a bomber and a witch to kill those troops, the bomber and the witch would remain alive ( with full health) when played properly so you can stick a giant in front of her, your opponent wont have much elixir to defend because he/she just wasted 10 elixir with the barbarians and the prince

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15 Inferno Dragon

What the heck it does so much damage

Awesome card! Wish I had it!


Just imagine this plus a rage
three crown easy - MChkflaguard_Yt

16 Mini P.E.K.K.A

I think most of the people here are on crack, this card is beast. 10X better than the PEKKA. I'm in legendary arena with this card, so anyone that is not in legendary arena has no room to speak. If you want to get to legendary arena than here's my deck: Ice Wizard, Prince, Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, Rage, Arrows, Musketeer, & Skeleton Army. You have to know what your doing in order to use this deck, don't just place the skeleton army at random points or don't put a Mini PEKKA on the other side of the field when you know there's a prince or giant skeleton on the opposite side (That's just common sense.), don't place the Rage on random troops or on low-health troops, don't throw arrows at Princesses, use them on Minion Hordes, etc.

The Mini Pekka can destroy anything in its way. I use it mainly for defense like killing princes, lumberjacks, giants, and golems... but it's also very excellent in offense as well. Normally, I do a Mini Pekka and Fire Spirits push 5 seconds after the game starts, and it either destroys the tower, or damages the tower really badly. Great card!

This should be in the top tens because 1. It can take down anything except skeleton army 2. It is more active than a pekka and 3. It does loads of damage

If Mini PEKKA & Prince did a fight, Mini PEKKA would WIN! - micahisthebest

It depends on who has the tower advantage and whether or not the prince takes a charge - Oliveleaf

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17 Princess

The best legendary the princess so good the prince so bad

Range is amazing- so much value!


Princess is amazing, for 3 elixir she can anihilate minions+hordes, skel army, take out a building from YOUR side of the arena, chip down troops supporting a tanky troop, can usually damage the crown tower very well, excellent bait for log or arrows (Bonus points if they miss them or if the arrows aren't a high enough level :D), can be a very useful support for pushing tanky troops or hog riders and many more. I'm nearly on arena 10 with her in my deck and have been using her since arena 7. She is so amazing.

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18 Mega Minion

Weakness? Electro wizard and any other air troop attackers. - Rayman56

Awesome card I loveee it its used in

almost all my deck and is great in my lava hound deck!

19 Graveyard

I love this card. This can be a card to attack and defend. Can easily take out a tower.

Golem for distraction graveyard in corner then poison for skeleton army and minion horde and what do u have a tower destroyed in 5 secs - stoner69

Best card so versitile

Countered by archers, valkyrie, minions, skarmy, etc. not bad though - Oliveleaf

20 Sparky

No doubt that sparky and princess are the most effective cards. The only easy way to destroy the Sparky is using Minion Horde. Prince is just good for arena 1,2,3,4 and every good player knows that X-Bow is almost the "Worst" card in the game. (Skeletons are even more useful)

Sparky sucks. Zap is a simple easy too recharge his charge, and you can surround sparky with skeletons, as it will need to use 3 shots (the Sparky's radius is not that large) a simple Goblins Zap, Mini PEKKA zap, Zap Megaminion can all take this card out. Sparky is the world legendary. Ice Wiz and Miner are the best, in terms of usability.

Destruction everywhere with sparky on the field. It's easy to counter but not everyone with have a counter for it. Love using sparky.

Sparky is my boy, hell yeah

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