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1 Prince

The prince SUCKS. The prince is only good if your opponent is a noob and uses the royal giant (The prince will kill the royal giant easily and then go attack your opponent's tower,) The prince can be countered so easily with cheap troops, it costs 5 elixir and does not have that much health. It may seem good in arenas 1-5 but he is so easily stopped. The mini pekka is a lot better when used properly

When first starting the game, the prince might seem great but in arena 6 and above he sucks.

Understand that the prince is an epic card and EPIC CARDS ARE 20 TIMES MORE RARE THAN RARE CARDS. When starting off, common and rare cards' level will be quite even to prince's level but its practically impossible to get prince to lv 3 before you reach the point where the prince just sucks

I'm in Arena 8, but I still use the prince. My prince is level 3, mostly because of an Epic Chest, but still. You can easily kill cheap troops by placing a log or using a Prince+Valkyrie combo. - RisingMoon

The Prince should not be number 1. The Prince is actually one of the easiest cards to counter as a pro. It can be distracted by anything and has a slow rate of fire. It's great in lower arenas, but once you unlock the Bandit, the Prince never sees a deck spot again.

Prince is actually great if u use it properly. Don't just deploy the prince alone to get distracted or picked apart by the Skermy. The best use for prince is in Golem Double Prince beatdown deck where the opponent will have hard time to counter both the princes and the immortal golem in front of it. Pekka Double prince also works. Prince is also amazing in defense against Golem, Mega Knight, Giants and other heavy tanks. It can shred the tanks to pieces quickly given it's charge. Many people think it's not used often in higher arena but checkout Prince's win-rates, it's among the top 5 win-rate cards. Princes's charge on tower is devastating but don't relay on that instead it works better with a splash unit behind it to deal with goblin gang or skermy like valk, zap or wiz. But still Golem double prince is one of the best decks out there.

Prince is weak against skeleton army as we all know. But he isn't the worst. He's one among the top ten cards but not at the TOP! - Victoryboy

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2 Hog Rider Hog Rider

Best for counter attacking. It targets building and has good speed and devastating damage.

I was almost at the arena to get this, then the device had to go factory reset. That means it deleted all my apps! So close! - SionicRelations

Awesome, many battles at the last second I put hog rider. And I win the game

Awesome got me one a lot of battles

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3 Electro Wizard

Electro wizard is awesome. It should be number two or one. My friend got to 3400 trophies as a level 1 using the electro wizard. He literally is a level 1 with 3400 trophies using electro wizard. This is why electro wizard is so good.

I got this card from a legendary chest in arena 4 and it ROCKS. This card singlehandedly climbed me into Royal Arena, and I'm almost in Frozen Peak. This card deserves to be number 1, maybe number 2 behind the Log. Definitely one of the best cards in the game and I recommend you put it in all of your decks, whether it fits in with your strategy or not.

So annoying against sparky and inferno dragon and he stops EVERYTHING he's even becoming more annoying than elite barbs he needs a nerf - stoner69

I love E-wiz!

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4 Baby Dragon

This card is not horrible, but it isn't the best. It has moderate everything but once up to arena 6 to 9 it's pretty useless if not played correctly

MY MOST FAVOURITE CARD! This should in the top 3. Come on, this card is invincible to ground troops. It is totally GOOD in my opinion! - Victoryboy

The most versatile card in the game. Useful anywhere. - c3230

Best troop to use.
use when :
1. your enimies elixer is drained,use baby dragon to attack
2. don"t use it when enimy uses archers minion horade,muskeeter
3.use when battle's going to end can be used for both attack and defense
it should be first

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5 Inferno Dragon

A legendary I got from a magical chest as my first legendary, it used to be not as good, but now it's great. It can stop mega knights, golems, giants, and a lot of tanks. Plus, if it locks onto the tower, the tower is dead

What the heck it does so much damage

This is the best card for most decks, but it is not as good in higher arenas like arena 11 because everybody has a electro wizard.

This is way better than baby dragon! How is baby dragon above? How is prince number one? I only voted for this because it needs to be above the baby dragon! Come on people!

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6 The Executioner

I use the Executioner quite a lot and he is awesome. He may be five elixir but he makes up with the awesome axe that when used properly can be seriously OP.

Executioner is OP as it can hit a mega minion 1 tile behind a giant while a wizard couldn't. Plus he can't be killed by lightening.

The Executioner axe can also pass through the targets like magic archer, it can also back to his hand without losing an arm, which is also a miracle


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7 Zap Zap

This is good for skeleton armies, goblins level 6 or under, and minions level 5 or under. It's also good for towers with barely any damage. Beats the poison. It's got shocking results.

You like Electro-wizard huh? Well here is a spell for half the price and is a common so you can upgrade

Probably the best spell at price - kok2

Zap is amazing it resets sparky and inferno dragon. it is one of the only positive elixir trades for skeleton army. gets minions to a one hit.

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8 Skeleton Army

The only card I have used since I first started the game up until now in every deck I've had. It is super useful for countering if used correctly. Great defense, and if you're lucky... great offense too! Counters pekka, giant, giant skeleton, and 2 golemites. It counters anything that doesn't do splash or isn't an air troop.

Good in defense, but unreliable as can be killed in one zap or log - Oliveleaf

Best at defense

Actually, this one deserves the top 1 or 2 places! This card can take down GOLEM, PRINCE, MINI P.E.K.K.A, P.E.K.K.A etc. etc. Although, they are weak against VALKYRIE, BABY DRAGON etc., this one has less Elixir cost i.e. "3" and can be used at anytime in a battle. IT IS THE MOST CONVENIENT CARD FOR ME TO USE! - Victoryboy

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9 P.E.K.K.A.

Pekka is a great card, its dangerous if left alone, is good on defense agaisnt hogs, golems, princes, wizards and can be your entire focus in a deck. However be careful and don't spawn her if you can't support her. Its almost as bad as fireballing a king tower instantly. - SagieBoi

WOW! This one & GOLEM can't be left alone. P.E.K.K.A. is x2 in everything than MINI P.E.K.K.A. Unlike GOLEM, P.E.K.K.A. also attacks and is very much powerful! But it is placed so LOW! - Victoryboy

Pekka is WAY better than Mini Pekka. Although it does cost more elixir. - micahisthebest

It get trolled

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10 Princess

This should be top 5 or even top 3 at least. Best legendary in the game. As it's range is insane and hardly anything can hit it without being out of its range (only spells can), and, if your Princess is old level 3 (new level 11), it won't be one shot by it's main counter, log, as it is too much of a level.

Range is amazing- so much value!

Princess sucks, it has like no health and one of the easiest to counter. I gave it and I barely used it.

Not the best, but it's RANGE is amazing like the X-BOW! - Victoryboy

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The Contenders

11 The Log

I love log so much, such an exceptional card against hordes if enemies, and for 2 elixir, that's extremely good. It's also a good card to knock back enemies from hitting your tower. It also does a decent amount of damage for 2 elixir. Definitely deserves to at least be top 10.

No just no, the log is OP in the current meta everybody used ground hordes like skeleton armies and do you know what happens when you put down the log? I think you do. It is also a very versitile and cheap card because it can improve your deck for just 2 elixir - Lazo419

Once joked to be a joke of a card, the buffs made it the meta. Skarmy, princess, goblin gang, goblin barrel, or badly damaged troops get wrecked by it. It can knock back ANYTHING. If it could hit air it would be insane but we all know that's why arrows exist, right?

I just like log because I like log bait

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12 Balloon

With a super damage the Balloon gets the top place and when it's a combination like Balloon+Hog Rider+Rage Spell then one thing clear Destruction+Killing=Winning

I agree with all of the comments. Everyone who is good at Clash Royale and clever's favorite is Balloon. Balloon squad!

The balloon is the ultimate comeback card, anyone who says otherwise can eat my socks.

Yeah! This belongs to bombing group and is pretty good! It should be finished before it reaches the tower or else...BOM! - Victoryboy

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13 Mega Knight

The PEKKA can counter it, but in 2019, who uses PEKKA? The only reasonable deck with it is PEKKA Battle Ram 3 Muskies, which is expensive and hard to use. It requires slight of hand to counter Mega Knight, considering one false move and your tower takes almost 2,000 damage. Mega Knight Beatdown should be a thing now. My friend uses that and he is really good. The only hard counter to the Mega Knight Beatdown is the Classic Log Bait, with the Knight, Goblin Gang, and Inferno Tower.

Simply too OP it's a tank that does splash, it doesn't have many counters either.

The only problem is that the Pekka can kill the mega knight easily. - WorldPuncher47592834

Very nice

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14 Mega Minion

Weakness? Electro wizard and any other air troop attackers. - Rayman56

I used to have the knight in my decks but when the mega minion came out I swap the knight for it now I use it in all my decks! This shouldn't be here. Very weak against baby dragon, minions etc. Main disadvantage: Less health! - Victoryboy

Mega Minion Is the best High damage- low elixir card. I use it. It has a lot of health making it great for countering tanks like golem and RG. If you are to counter it only 2 cards stop the mega minion with a positive elixire trade, bats and skeletons. but if you don't counter it, it does 200 issh damage to the tower. Mega minion is the best defense card

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15 X-Bow

This is a horrible card. Super easy to counter. Not much health. And it costs six - TheHabsFan

It also takes six seconds to start working once you placed it down - Thecyanryan

Once, this card unlocked and I added it to my deck. I placed it in a battle and as it started attacking the enemy launched a rocket & it's done! - Victoryboy

Its really hard to get X-bow to target your opponent's tower. it can be used to snipe a bomb tower or inferno tower but mortar in cheaper. In my opinion this should be number two on the list as worst cards

The Xbow is debatable sure it has long range and can whittle down troops such as skeleton army but the elixir value is too high the xbow can be hit by a fireball for a decent chunk of damage but usually players place xbow by the bridge so it hits the tower this can very easily be countered by a skeleton army or a hog before it even starts shooting due too its extremely long placement speed overall the xbow is good defense too one tank or a hoard of skeletons or light troops if placed behind a tower but not good for offense as its hard to catch the enemy unguarded so it targets the tower.

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16 Golem

I'm a Golem user in the 4800 trophy range who has played golem for 9 months straight as my main deck. This card is amazing but requires a deck that maxes out its potential. Best used in a deck that mainly defends then uses the the defense to counter push. It doesn't become a great card until at least lv 5. Recommended mini Pekka, poison, elixir pump, and zap as support cards.

Definitely not the most effective, but also my favorite. I use Golem, Princess, Wizard, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Fireball, and the pump.

This card is overrated, it has a very high cost and can be killed easily. Once I killed one using inferno dragon alone, counter pushed and I got a crown. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I love this card! so UNDERRRATED?!?!?!? Come on guys! - Victoryboy

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17 Minion Horde

This card sucks! It can get arrowed so easily or beaten by a wizard. - RisingMoon

Really? It can instantly destroy balloon,lava hound,baby Dragon,inferno Dragon,inferno tower,tesla,many ground troops and rarely has counters,and can devastate a tower if let unattended.

18 Valkyrie

I've won so many games by counter attacking with Valkyrie. Most people counter her using air troops but I freeze them along with their tower and Valkyrie just walks right up and starts swinging.

Ohh...she is so beautiful & her voice is so AWESOME! She can attack anyone & has more heath. The only card which can finish skeleton army in a FLASH! - Victoryboy

I have been using Valkyrie since Arena 1 and haven't swapped her out since. She is just too good. - SagieBoi

The Valkyrie is the ultimate witch and swarm counter due to her quite good health and attack but is very bad against things like night witch and bats because of the fact they’re air troops - Grakalor

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19 Elite Barbarians

Yes elite barbs badly need a nerf these should be #1 not prince

It's now the best card in the game. They're very fast, strong and they have a lot of hitpoints. It's such an OP card

Yes they need a nerf every other person you fight will have elite barbarians in your deck plus it so annoying if you don't have bowler theyll use these guys then put fire spirits behind them - stoner69

Elite barbs are not a card you want to leave alone, however I know a few cards that counters them quite well.

1: Valkrie: Make sure they are in RANGE of the archer tower/s so they can chip them down, her spin attack will most likely kill them or severly wound them to the point of being a one shot.


3: Skel army: If you know your opponent already used their zap/log skel army will destroy elite barbs.

4: Barbarians: Yeah ikr? these 4 guys can actually take elite barbs out haha

5: Bowler: Kinda obvious but his high health and cheap ish cost and his ability to knock both elite barbs back pretty much spells death for them.

6: Tornado + Fireball: It costs 7 elixir but it can work at making them severly weak.

i'm sure there are more but atm that's all I got. - SagieBoi

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20 Lumberjack

This is an improved Elite barbarian.
It does a lot of damage to the tower if left alone, one-shot goblins a miracle that supercell didn't give him splash damage as well.
200 damage / 0.7 sec on level 9.
This can hardly be stopped with a mini-PEKKA.
And so a rage too, everything for just 4 elixir. - MillionCR

You guys are sad. The lumberjack can take down any other Melee troop in the game under 5 elixir AND drops a rage spell after death. A 6 elixir value easily, the lumberjack is hands down the best card in clash royale.

The lumberjack should be number 1 they should make the elite lumberjack but it would be to over powered

Great card and fast attacker. But would be better with a little more health.

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21 Royal Giant

A threat as soon as he's dropped - stoner69

Needs a nerf...broken card

He is the best


22 Witch

A level one witch summons level 6 skeletons. Deploy her to counter a prince, after that the witch will still survive and would only take one hit from a prince, no you can deploy a giant in front of her after countering the prince

This woman is not bad as it seems. When played wise, together with hordes or something like that, this can be very useful. Also, never underestimate her Skeletons she spawns, they can be very nasty.

They are good at countering troops, but they can be wasted when opponents use bombers or the valkyrie to kill it. - Oliveleaf

She is great with the scelitens

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23 Clone

Clone is the best!

24 Ice Wizard Ice Wizard

What's the ice wizard doing so far back on this list! You see, the ice wizard is an extremely useful and devastating card when used correctly. The card can not only do splash damage to large amount of troops, it also freezes them to make them hit and move MUCH SLOWER! It can be used in defense and offense and is extremely useful. Although you should not be putting the card down before troops such as the Giant and Prince, put the higher damaging cards first and then put in a Ice wizard to destroy the pesky troops your opponent puts down in defense. Also the ice wizard only cost 3 ELIXER! I think that's a pretty good return for someone who is this low fdown on this list. Only thing which could be better would be damage. Overall, it's probably the best card in the game of how useful it is, along of how cheap it is, the card is way to underrated and should be much higher.

This card does splash damage and is extremely useful when I put it paired up with an Electro Wizard behind a Snow Golem. When you get to Electro Valley, it is even more useful, since your opponent has high leveled towers, for example, a level 6 X-Bow. Ice Wizard needs support, though, and Spells can kill it, since it has a moderately low health compared to other ranged troops in Electro Valley.

Damn Ice Wizard is now on number 14, it's a shame as this card is really excellent. I do wish however he did a little more damage but for the most part he is a great Legendary. - SagieBoi

The ice wizard should not be used on offense as the center of a push but is an amazing support and defense against both fast and slow cards - Grakalor

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25 Lightning
26 Elixir Collector

How at 27

27 Sparky

No doubt that sparky and princess are the most effective cards. The only easy way to destroy the Sparky is using Minion Horde. Prince is just good for arena 1,2,3,4 and every good player knows that X-Bow is almost the "Worst" card in the game. (Skeletons are even more useful)

Sparky sucks. Zap is a simple easy too recharge his charge, and you can surround sparky with skeletons, as it will need to use 3 shots (the Sparky's radius is not that large) a simple Goblins Zap, Mini PEKKA zap, Zap Megaminion can all take this card out. Sparky is the world legendary. Ice Wiz and Miner are the best, in terms of usability.

Garbage. There is no reason to have the Sparky in your deck. If a player like me has an electro wizard, sparky is useless. Also, same for zap. - WorldPuncher47592834

Pekka + sparky can take down any ground troops in a sec. enemy ll have a hard time in 2x elxir countering the pain, just have executor to clear minions.

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28 Giant

This card is pretty great for lower arenas, but if you kill the troops behind it quickly, almost anything could counter it. Though its still pretty great, but its brother -Royal Giant- beats him to it.

I think Giant is the best card once you get to a higher level and upgrade it because it can do so much damage meanwhile it's almost impossible to kill because of its HP. Sometimes I do a big push and there killing all of my guys and suddenly I win and there tower is down. I think how did I win and then see the giant still alive punching the tower.

Try to counter prince with witch, witch survives, stick giant in front of witch. Then watch what happens to your opponents tower.

I love how Giant tanks for other troops. My big push is giant wizard balloon and it got me up to legendary arena

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29 Night Witch Night Witch

The best card in the current meta

Man so annoying - StrikeOfLight

I have it at level 2 in Clash Royale, its just so good, I place a pekka infront of it and the tower gets destroyed instantly. - WorldPuncher47592834

Best legy

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30 Graveyard

I love this card. This can be a card to attack and defend. Can easily take out a tower.

Giant graveyard poison is sure to take down a tower in double elixir

Golem for distraction graveyard in corner then poison for skeleton army and minion horde and what do u have a tower destroyed in 5 secs - stoner69

Giant Graveyard is OP it should be at least 3rd

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31 Ice Spirit

Has good health, so doesn't get 1 shotted. Also, put it behind a tank like giant and if it freezes the tower bye to that tower.

32 Dark Prince

The dark prince is good with the prince because if troops like skeleton army's come in the dark prince will destroy

Much mor ersatz or than the price, and is cheaper. Offers less performance though.

Dark prince is usually pretty bad but it can be used quite well - TheHabsFan

Should be 5

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33 Giant Skeleton

The giant skeleton is the best he is a giant that attacks everything and when he dies he turns into a bomb and everything caught in the explosion dies. Too bad I don't have him though...

Was one of my favourite cards when in arena 1-3 now I extremely rarely use the guy I would say 30th rank

If you clone him he does about 2000 damage when he dies best card in the game

Best card in game death damage is useful and it’s a good tank

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34 Goblin Hut
35 Mini P.E.K.K.A

I think most of the people here are on crack, this card is beast. 10X better than the PEKKA. I'm in legendary arena with this card, so anyone that is not in legendary arena has no room to speak. If you want to get to legendary arena than here's my deck: Ice Wizard, Prince, Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, Rage, Arrows, Musketeer, & Skeleton Army. You have to know what your doing in order to use this deck, don't just place the skeleton army at random points or don't put a Mini PEKKA on the other side of the field when you know there's a prince or giant skeleton on the opposite side (That's just common sense.), don't place the Rage on random troops or on low-health troops, don't throw arrows at Princesses, use them on Minion Hordes, etc.

The Mini Pekka can destroy anything in its way. I use it mainly for defense like killing princes, lumberjacks, giants, and golems... but it's also very excellent in offense as well. Normally, I do a Mini Pekka and Fire Spirits push 5 seconds after the game starts, and it either destroys the tower, or damages the tower really badly. Great card!

This should be in the top tens because 1. It can take down anything except skeleton army 2. It is more active than a pekka and 3. It does loads of damage

Decent healthy incerdible damage

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36 Goblin Barrel

Clone it once it drops - stoner69

37 Cannon

Even though it got nerfed 5 times in arow it is still very useful - Triceratops

38 Bandit


The bandit can be used for defense and offense. It’s low elixer allows the card to be used easily. It’s rapid speed makes the card very powerful and a great card to push with. It’s quick attack speed also allows the card to be able to take out small hords as well. Should be way higher up on the list

39 Fireball
40 Miner

Its very versatile and can fit into any deck. Its good as a tank or as a follower for all situations.

Miner should be way higher on this list

It is the best it can take out a tower when it is on like low on health and if there is like 10 more sec. in the battle you could just put the down and it will take it out it is also super fast or quick and it goes under ground and it can also be put any were in the arina and it is also a good tank to take out your opponents tower with that is why the miner should be hire on the list

I use either golem or lavahound or miner with barrel goblins. I have all defensive cards in deck and miner n barrel for counter atrack

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41 Three Musketeers

To much elixir and easy to counter usually - TheHabsFan

Mini pekka can easily counter this.

Idiotic too sucky

Good card undared

42 Lava Hound

An extremely underestimated card which can do devastatingly high damage to a tower when unattended to. The 3000 health is so that it can reach your opponent's tower, and when it pops, it's good-game to your tower, especially when combined with clone and Electro wizard. However, the problem is that it is a relatively easy card to counter, which is why people most of the time consider lava hound to be "worse than sparky". And speaking of sparky, I wonder how it got so high up on the list.

This is my go-to card, it has so much health, and it is pretty good if it's ignored. Paired with Electro Wizard and Ice Wizard, it's insane, and when it splits into lava pups, I use Lightning so I can buy some time for it.

Lava hound will come past with another card and that card is like it's bodyguard then the babies can attack players around the lava hound

Why does it last. I use it and it is really god with a miner. How is the MORTAR higer

43 Wizard

Best card ever can take on anything with splash damage but the only weakness health but overall very efficient

This should be higher, by heaps! - micahisthebest

Pretty Solid

Pretty solid. R.I.P minion hordes - MChkflaguard_Yt

44 Barbarians
45 Fish

Make water cards! Like 2 or 3. They could be the perfect balancing card

You should make a water spell

Why not add a water card into clan Royale.I mean seriously why not? - Crabmccrab


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46 Royal Ghost Royal Ghost

The royal ghost is super stealth and wins with mirror and clone

So underrated - 2storm

47 Archers

Well their at least better than spear gobs but I prefer minions over archers - stoner69

What are the doing at 37 they should be in top 10

Should be about 20-30 - micahisthebest

Sexy archeeers

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48 Bomber

If you are able to support it properly by placing troops before it then it can provide batter damage with respect to others and also requires negotiable elixir.

Good splash damage, can kill low health troops in an area in a second. too bad it can only hit ground troops

Very bih damage

49 Ice Golem

It can kite your opponent's ENTIRE push to the other lane which can buy you time to replenish elixir.

For 2 elixir you can use him to tank for graveyard then drop poison spell - stoner69

50 Mirror

Mirror and clone spell should be tied at number 1 because they can be anything

Skeleton army plus mirror=death to many - Rayman56

Skeleton army gets zapped, behold the mirror! - RisingMoon

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