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21 Knight

The knight is an extremely cheap tank. For 3 elixir it can destroy any splash damage card

This is a horrible card so easy to counter. It should be in the top ten worst cards - TheHabsFan

22 Three Musketeers

To much elixir and easy to counter usually - TheHabsFan

Mini pekka can easily counter this.

23 Valkyrie

Should be number 1-5 on this list, so good

I once used a valkyrie to stop two pekkas and two ice wizards. (but they already had locked targets) It's quite good! - Oliveleaf

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24 Royal Giant V 2 Comments
25 P.E.K.K.A.

This is my all-time favourite card. Loads of HP and tons of damage. If it gets to the tower, you will probably get the tower down during the game. But she's a girl, Joking - TheHabsFan

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26 Minion Horde
27 Lava Hound

Why does it last. I use it and it is really god with a miner. How is the MORTAR higer

28 Miner V 1 Comment
29 Arrows

A very useful card when dealing with hordes like princess,skeleton army,goblins,goblin barrel,spear goblins and pretty much anything else that is low-health troops

30 Bomber V 1 Comment
31 Guards

It counters sparky and has an awesome shield, good with the giant

# Skeletons are the best

There IS no lave hound

Can counter sparky

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32 Lumberjack

You guys are sad. The lumberjack can take down any other Melee troop in the game under 5 elixir AND drops a rage spell after death. A 6 elixir value easily, the lumberjack is hands down the best card in clash royale.

He is easily just overpowered he has a rage affect he is very fast his attack speed is the best and does somewhere around 200 damage practicaly a elite barbarian on steroids

33 Archers
34 Giant Skeleton

Was one of my favourite cards when in arena 1-3 now I extremely rarely use the guy I would say 30th rank

35 Tesla V 1 Comment
36 Musketeer

This is too shocking for me that this so below :( faithful trusty musketeer

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37 Mirror
38 Inferno Dragon


39 Cannon

Even though it got nerfed 5 times in arow it is still very useful - Triceratops

40 Goblin Hut
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