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21 Lumberjack

You guys are sad. The lumberjack can take down any other Melee troop in the game under 5 elixir AND drops a rage spell after death. A 6 elixir value easily, the lumberjack is hands down the best card in clash royale.

The lumberjack should be number 1 they should make the elite lumberjack but it would be to over powered

Zoo good best legendary just edging the miner and princess rage is useful too

Lumberjack could nearly beat a prince, it is very fast, hits fast, and works incredibly well with clone. Plus it is extremely cheap for the beast that it is, and it is the ultimate pushstarter.

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22 Giant

This card is pretty great for lower arenas, but if you kill the troops behind it quickly, almost anything could counter it. Though its still pretty great, but its brother -Royal Giant- beats him to it.

I think Giant is the best card once you get to a higher level and upgrade it because it can do so much damage meanwhile it's almost impossible to kill because of its HP. Sometimes I do a big push and there killing all of my guys and suddenly I win and there tower is down. I think how did I win and then see the giant still alive punching the tower.

Try to counter prince with witch, witch survives, stick giant in front of witch. Then watch what happens to your opponents tower.

Still needs a nerf

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23 Graveyard

I love this card. This can be a card to attack and defend. Can easily take out a tower.

Giant graveyard poison is sure to take down a tower in double elixir

Golem for distraction graveyard in corner then poison for skeleton army and minion horde and what do u have a tower destroyed in 5 secs - stoner69

Giant Graveyard is OP it should be at least 3rd

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24 Dark Prince

The dark prince is good with the prince because if troops like skeleton army's come in the dark prince will destroy

Much mor ersatz or than the price, and is cheaper. Offers less performance though.

Dark prince is usually pretty bad but it can be used quite well - TheHabsFan

I personally think Dark Prince needs a big work over. He isn't that strong, is easy to kill and isn't really suited for the Epic catagory. But then again some people use him very well - SagieBoi

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25 Ice Spirit

Has good health, so doesn't get 1 shotted. Also, put it behind a tank like giant and if it freezes the tower bye to that tower.

26 Lightning
27 Giant Skeleton

The giant skeleton is the best he is a giant that attacks everything and when he dies he turns into a bomb and everything caught in the explosion dies. Too bad I don't have him though...

Was one of my favourite cards when in arena 1-3 now I extremely rarely use the guy I would say 30th rank

If you clone him he does about 2000 damage when he dies best card in the game

28 Valkyrie

I have been using Valkyrie since Arena 1 and haven't swapped her out since. She is just too good. - SagieBoi

Skeleton army dies instantly with this. - Rayman56

Should be number 1-5 on this list, so good

There alright for arena 2-4 - micahisthebest

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29 Mini P.E.K.K.A

I think most of the people here are on crack, this card is beast. 10X better than the PEKKA. I'm in legendary arena with this card, so anyone that is not in legendary arena has no room to speak. If you want to get to legendary arena than here's my deck: Ice Wizard, Prince, Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, Rage, Arrows, Musketeer, & Skeleton Army. You have to know what your doing in order to use this deck, don't just place the skeleton army at random points or don't put a Mini PEKKA on the other side of the field when you know there's a prince or giant skeleton on the opposite side (That's just common sense.), don't place the Rage on random troops or on low-health troops, don't throw arrows at Princesses, use them on Minion Hordes, etc.

The Mini Pekka can destroy anything in its way. I use it mainly for defense like killing princes, lumberjacks, giants, and golems... but it's also very excellent in offense as well. Normally, I do a Mini Pekka and Fire Spirits push 5 seconds after the game starts, and it either destroys the tower, or damages the tower really badly. Great card!

This should be in the top tens because 1. It can take down anything except skeleton army 2. It is more active than a pekka and 3. It does loads of damage

My favorite's cheap (4 elixir), does a lot of damage, fast and effective, good at defense and it also looks epic

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30 Three Musketeers

To much elixir and easy to counter usually - TheHabsFan

Mini pekka can easily counter this.

Idiotic too sucky

31 Goblin Barrel

Clone it once it drops - stoner69

32 Lava Hound

An extremely underestimated card which can do devastatingly high damage to a tower when unattended to. The 3000 health is so that it can reach your opponent's tower, and when it pops, it's good-game to your tower, especially when combined with clone and Electro wizard. However, the problem is that it is a relatively easy card to counter, which is why people most of the time consider lava hound to be "worse than sparky". And speaking of sparky, I wonder how it got so high up on the list.

Why does it last. I use it and it is really god with a miner. How is the MORTAR higer

33 Royal Giant

A threat as soon as he's dropped - stoner69

Needs a nerf...broken card


34 Miner

Miner should be way higher on this list

NIce card should be higher

Much higher, same with minnipns

35 Fireball
36 Archers

Well their at least better than spear gobs but I prefer minions over archers - stoner69

What are the doing at 37 they should be in top 10

Should be about 20-30 - micahisthebest

Sexy archeeers

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37 Minion Horde

This card sucks! It can get arrowed so easily or beaten by a wizard. - RisingMoon

38 Bomber

Good splash damage, can kill low health troops in an area in a second. too bad it can only hit ground troops

Very bih damage

39 Barbarians
40 Night Witch

The best card in the current meta

Man so annoying - StrikeOfLight

It's just called witch. Night Witch is in Clash of Clans, as a troop in the Builder Base once you reach BH 6 - LordDovahkiin

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