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41 Night Witch

The best card in the current meta

Man so annoying - StrikeOfLight

It's just called witch. Night Witch is in Clash of Clans, as a troop in the Builder Base once you reach BH 6 - LordDovahkiin

42 Ice Golem

For 2 elixir you can use him to tank for graveyard then drop poison spell - stoner69

43 Arrows

Once I got 3 skeleton armies and 2 minion hordes caught in arrows. LOL - MChkflaguard_Yt

A very useful card when dealing with hordes like princess,skeleton army,goblins,goblin barrel,spear goblins and pretty much anything else that is low-health troops

44 Minions

What the heck? So low?

Great card and doesn'y do much damage

45 Guards

Guards sucks, I destroyed their shields with arrows (I am in arena 8 with level 10 arrows) - MChkflaguard_Yt

It counters sparky and has an awesome shield, good with the giant

# Skeletons are the best

Can counter sparky

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46 Mirror

Mirror and clone spell should be tied at number 1 because they can be anything

Skeleton army plus mirror=death to many - Rayman56

Skeleton army gets zapped, behold the mirror! - RisingMoon

47 Fish

Make water cards! Like 2 or 3. They could be the perfect balancing card

You should make a water spell

Why not add a water card into clan Royale.I mean seriously why not? - Crabmccrab

48 Tombstone
49 Barbarian Hut
50 Musketeer

This is too shocking for me that this so below :( faithful trusty musketeer

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51 Barbarian V 1 Comment
52 Fire Spirits

Awesome card

A great defense card... should really be higher on the list.

53 Tornado V 1 Comment
54 Heal

I got it in the tournament and it's pretty good since It can heal almost any troop to full health.

Only card that can heal in the game
3 Elixer
Can heal as much damage Poison does

55 Cannon

Even though it got nerfed 5 times in arow it is still very useful - Triceratops

56 Inferno Tower

Does so much damage!

A Prince can destrot it - MChkflaguard_Yt

Needs a nerf - DynamicDuo

57 Goblin Hut
58 Canon
59 Rocket

This is actually oood

60 Freeze
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