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61 Rage
62 Bowler

The best card for defense.

Solution to elite barbs - stoner69

63 Knight

The knight is an extremely cheap tank. For 3 elixir it can destroy any splash damage card

This is a horrible card so easy to counter. It should be in the top ten worst cards - TheHabsFan

It needs a huge nerf... I mean HUGE nerf. - DynamicDuo

Goblin can't beat him whatever made you think that is stupid great tank for just 3 elixir more health than mini pekka and doesn't leave them behind like the mini pekka does not as much damage but still pretty good when u use him with 3 musketeers - stoner69

V 1 Comment
64 Elixir Collector V 1 Comment
65 Tesla

Trash does not even help

Better than cannon but doesn't work against rg - stoner69

66 Poison V 1 Comment
67 Mortar

Who ever voted for this card is a mortar user and mortar users are so trucking lame. If you vote for this card you officially are a lame player - TheHabsFan

68 Goblin
69 Spear Goblin
70 Skeletons
71 Bomb Tower


72 Furnace
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