Top Ten Best Clash Royale Rare Cards


The Top Ten

1 Hog Rider Hog Rider

The hog is the best - prav

Did somebody say, HOG RIDERR

The hog rider should be slightly nerfed as he always gets at least 1 shot off the tower - Kiflo69

Love the nig on the pig

2 Elixir Collector

This card can be good but it drives me crazy when my opponents attack my tower with everything he/she got right when I deploy the elixir collector.

When I deploy it, I wont have much elixir to defend I might lose some tower hit points. So I only deploy it when I have an elixir advantage or when I'm at ten elixir and my opponent isn't doing anything.

Also, you're proponent can to a miner/mini pekka/fire spirits, attack right as you deploy the elixir collector.
The miner will destroy the elixir collector AND distract the arena tower while the mini pekka does a ton of damage to the tower and the fire spirits help take out cheap troops easily. It is impossible to defend my tower since I wont have much elixir and the mini pekka does a TON of damage.

This card is very useful if used right but miner can counter it tgen it turns into a nightmare

3 Wizard

A awesome card unlock at arena five.should be on number two

Love this card! Join my clan: Gondor Gamers

Wizard is op, it can defeat any light armored troop an counters witch and princess easily

This should be first I'm in arena 9 and for every arena its da best! should be first! I think it's the second best card first is mega knight

4 Mini PEKKA

Mini P.E.K.K.A is a good card I get an easy win using it by pushing near the bridge during double elixir time. My push cost 10 elixir but is very good. 1st put down a Valkyrie then put a mini pekka 1 tile behind her rage them up and you are almost guaranteed a free win.

Put with princess or fire spirits and you get a free crown

Put with hog and kill 1 - 2 towers. I love this card.because its such a killer

If you use it correctly, it can almost take a tower. - Oliveleaf

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5 Giant
6 Bomb Tower

This card is dead - MillionCR

Good for goblin gang scarmy and other stuff

7 Three Musketeers

Can take a tower easily

Awesome attack card everyone join the clan XxballinbrosxX!

8 Musketeer

AMAZING CARD for four elixir. You can throw a baby dragon and a musket and the one and only lumberjack and BOOM! Tower gone. Then you defend it EVEN MORE with a Valkyrie and then u 3 crown them. Join my clan called mi pp dueleee

Musketeer is way better than 3 musketeers - Kiflo69

9 Inferno Tower

Perfect for any heavy cards. - RisingMoon

Really good for golems - StrikeOfLight

10 Rocket

It’s a good card ok

The Contenders

11 Valkyrie

Best Card ever. Beats almost everything. And can take down a tower if reaches it.

It is so useful against cheap units and it is a cheap tank

This is so good it is the best rare card, even better when with musketeer

Good tank, good splash damage, good damage in general. It's a good card. - Oliveleaf

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12 Goblin Hut
13 Mega Minion


The best rare. - rg123

14 Barbarian Hut
15 Furnace

Furnace is amazing especially if you level it up so it can deal chip damage.

16 Sparky Sparky

This is legendary - WorldPuncher47592834

What? This list is about GOOD cards, and also RARE cards. Sparky is none of these.

And then reality hits you- this is a legendary. - RisingMoon

It's a legendary card - Oliveleaf

17 Ice Golem


18 Pixel Prince
19 Dart Goblin
20 Ice Dragon
21 Fireball

Should be higher

22 Battle Ram
23 Heal

After the nerf and 1 elixir cost its useless - MillionCR

Not that good

24 Operator

me dumb

25 Tombstone
26 Miner

Miner is good, but it's not a rare card dumbass - Kiflo69

27 Lava Hound

Same with the lava hound: it's a good LEGENDARY card - Kiflo69

28 Miner Jack
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