Top Ten Best Clash Royale Rare Cards


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1 Hog Rider Hog Rider

The hog rider should be slightly nerfed as he always gets at least 1 shot off the tower - Kiflo69

Love the nig on the pig

2 Elixir Collector

This card can be good but it drives me crazy when my opponents attack my tower with everything he/she got right when I deploy the elixir collector.

When I deploy it, I wont have much elixir to defend I might lose some tower hit points. So I only deploy it when I have an elixir advantage or when I'm at ten elixir and my opponent isn't doing anything.

Also, you're proponent can to a miner/mini pekka/fire spirits, attack right as you deploy the elixir collector.
The miner will destroy the elixir collector AND distract the arena tower while the mini pekka does a ton of damage to the tower and the fire spirits help take out cheap troops easily. It is impossible to defend my tower since I wont have much elixir and the mini pekka does a TON of damage.

This card is very useful if used right but miner can counter it tgen it turns into a nightmare

3 Wizard

Wizard is op, it can defeat any light armored troop an counters witch and princess easily

Love this card! Join my clan: Gondor Gamers

This should be first I'm in arena 9 and for every arena its da best! should be first! I think it's the second best card first is mega knight

4 Giant
5 Mini PEKKA

If you use it correctly, it can almost take a tower. - Oliveleaf

Put with princess or fire spirits and you get a free crown

This is the best card by a mile. It does so much damage its fast its low elixer, and it's a pretty common as far as races go. It unlocked early on and is great

6 Bomb Tower
7 Three Musketeers

Awesome attack card everyone join the clan XxballinbrosxX!

8 Musketeer

Musketeer is way better than 3 musketeers - Kiflo69

9 Valkyrie

Good tank, good splash damage, good damage in general. It's a good card. - Oliveleaf

This is so good it is the best rare card, even better when with musketeer

Can beat up mostly all cards even sparky

A bit disapointed she isn't among the top ten, I have gone through a lot of decks but Valkrie is the card I never ever swapped once and why? its because for 4 elixir she can support a tanky troop, be useful as a distraction, she will kill threats like wizards or witches and even elite barbs provided she is at least level 8 or 7 and they aren't level 11 or over, If you use the hog riders speed to push her up there she can do a chunk of damage and will distract the tower and if she is up there the hog rider is almost 100% protected from skel armies. An excellent card, can be used with many troops, super good!

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10 Inferno Tower

Perfect for any heavy cards. - RisingMoon

Really good for golems - StrikeOfLight

The Contenders

11 Goblin Hut
12 Rocket
13 Mega Minion

The best rare. - rg123


14 Sparky Sparky

What? This list is about GOOD cards, and also RARE cards. Sparky is none of these.

And then reality hits you- this is a legendary. - RisingMoon

It's a legendary card - Oliveleaf

This is legendary - WorldPuncher47592834

15 Furnace

Furnace is amazing especially if you level it up so it can deal chip damage.

16 Barbarian Hut
17 Fireball

Should be higher

18 Dart Goblin
19 Heal

Not that good

20 Tombstone
21 Miner

Miner is good, but it's not a rare card dumbass - Kiflo69

22 Lava Hound

Same with the lava hound: it's a good LEGENDARY card - Kiflo69

23 Ice Golem
24 Battle Ram
25 Operator

me dumb

26 Ice Dragon
27 Pixel Prince
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