Top Ten Classes That Could Replace Physical Education As a Required School Class

Being active is important, but schools take it too far by extending budgets for athletic departments, and trying to get everyone to do sports. So, these classes could very well replace physical "education".

I don't even have to take PE every semester (1/2 credit required), but I'm speaking very clear that it's very forced in many places.

PositronWildhawk, enjoy, along with anyone else passing by this list!

The Top Ten

1 Music

Music stretches the mind, challenges us, and pushes us to the test. It has similar things to physical education in that manner, but it has different boundaries. Also, it is far more enjoyable than perspiring heavily after sprinting a half mile kicking a soccerball around to many. - Turkeyasylum

In my school I have music lessons and P.E. And it's the most boring, mind numbing class I have ever had. We learn nothing interesting. Music lessons in my old school was way better, probably because it was a private school. We got to make music on iPads and learn to play awesome instruments and analyse song lyrics. Now I just play dumb songs on keyboards. - Wolftail

I've been told I'm a good singer. - Darellfat

Eyo, please don't go under #9 in this list, all of them are either a please no or a neutral choice, except for culinary class - SoaPuffball

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2 Art

The stroke of a paintbrush onto a canvas takes loads of detail, and creativity. By stretchign the mind through art, we could have more inventions. And while physical education may push people to "limits", art does that, but on a whole different set of boundaries (attention to detail). - Turkeyasylum

Far better in my opinion! Why, we don't even offer art year-round at my school! Infuriating... - keycha1n

Art can be music as well, so Art!

3 Theorization

This is a class I would like to take. The whole idea is to take any everyday concept, and come up with some sort of alternate route, or an alternate theory. It will expand creativity, and ease the mind of "step by step" learning. - Turkeyasylum

There is such a thing as critical thinking, which challenges your thinkability and builds on your reasoning, something indeed critical for further education. - PositronWildhawk

I have great creativity mostly in theories-Kevinsidis

4 Media

With the rise of technology, we could be learning about computers, and how they work. It could fascinate is for hours if we don't waste the Internet on selfies and crap. - Turkeyasylum

I would take this since I want to get involved more with Media. - Darellfat

5 Social Skills

Social skills as a class would be great for me, shame I don't have it. It's one of the things I REALLY HAVE TO WORK ON, but it's left up to my parents. Good thing my parents are pretty aware of it... - Flamesofsilver

6 Invention

Creative minds will make creative ideas. But unfortunately, with the "instruction book" learning today, it traps the mind's creativity in a corner. But, with invention class, it would help people come up with fresh ideas, and make them real. They would also get to make the invention. - Turkeyasylum

7 Lyric's Meanings

The class would dissect lyrics of a song, and would help people realize, before they start singing "yeah, touch me like that", or something of that nature, they think of what it means first. - Turkeyasylum

Some schools did this with The Beatles' music back in the '60s. Lennon was amused that people were trying to read into his lyrics, so he wrote "I Am the Walrus" to baffle them. - PetSounds

Yes! This is one class I would be top in! - Wolftail

By "Lyric's" do you mean the alligator or the song lyrics?

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8 World Culture

The class would center around the cultures around the world, so we can learn about other societies besides ours. The final portion of the class would be a visit to another country. I know this one could be expensive, but it could be like an American going to Canada, or a Brit going to Ireland, or another part of the UK even. - Turkeyasylum

You see, I wouldn't mind PE if we didn't have these ridiculously hard tests. Very few do decent on them. - Therandom

Nice list Turkey! Although this is my favorite because we need to learn outside of the bubble that is our country - ToptenPizza

Truly amazing list you've got here Turkey! The thoughts and concept is thrilling! - keycha1n

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9 Home Economics

No, this wouldn't be sewing or knitting, but it would be on how to do things, such as replacing a flat tire, cooking, and doing laundry, as well as other everyday life skills. - Turkeyasylum

10 Sex Education

The Contenders

11 My Little Pony Class

My Little Pony! Now sing that with a tune

Not for a million dollars. Well, maybe.

I would skip this class everyday!

12 Culinary Arts

I'd like this, but I suck at cooking... - Turkeyasylum

13 Total Drama Class

I would totally take this class. - Darellfat

14 Shipping (Pairing) Class

I guess my sister would be into it...

The only thing I can imagine that will happen here is Shadouge vs. Knuxouge. Nothing good would come out of the situation...

15 Game Development

It will help us

16 Self Defense
17 Band


18 World Language

This is already required... - Turkeyasylum

19 Comedy
20 Figure skating

I wish! If figure skating was a class all my dreams would come true...and I'd actually pay attention...

That would be so amazing and probably the only class I would pay attention in!

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