Top Ten Classes That Could Replace Physical Education As a Required School Class

Being active is important, but schools take it too far by extending budgets for athletic departments, and trying to get everyone to do sports. So, these classes could very well replace physical "education".

I don't even have to take PE every semester (1/2 credit required), but I'm speaking very clear that it's very forced in many places.

PositronWildhawk, enjoy, along with anyone else passing by this list!

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21 Common Sense Class

This is a rather simple course that should be common but isn't. It includes instruction in basic decision making, idea connecting, rational thinking( Formal and informal logic.) economics, design, marketing, politics, statistics, and psychology. It would be a class necessary given the state of stupidity of many people, being fooled by businesses, and not thinking twice before planking on top of the empire state building. It will help people see why something will be a problem and shouldn't be done, and being an informed citizen of said country. It will allow people to make decisions on the trustworthiness of said website so not to be scammed. More helpful than memorizing the French revolution, am I right?

22 Common Sense Class

A class that would be necessary for anyone to pass. It would contain courses in basic decision making, rational thinking(formal and informal logic), creative thinking, business and economics, marketing, statistics, politics, social skills, cooking, design, debate, and basic spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and figurative language. Students must not show hypersensitivity to clear jokes as well. It would intend to make the world less stupid and sensible. - VgAcid

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