Top 10 Classes In Survival Games

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1 Horseman

This is the best kit to have especially while playing on a map with mountains and slopes. However, it's not a good class to deal with while you're not using it. I can't tell how many times I spawned next to a player with a horse. Also if you have a diamond sword and you have low health and a horse comes around the corner you're screwed.

The Horseman is a kit with, well, a horse. But, however, there is only one words to describe how annoying, broken, and messed-up this kit is: EXPLOITING.

2 Brawler

Although Barbarian says it is good at taking out teams, the Brawler might just have been mixed up with Barbarian. Brawler's Ground Pound skyrockets people into the sky, most likely killing them from fall damage, and it can help get away from a chase or catch up to someone in a chase.

3 Beastmaster

The Beastmaster is pretty simple: you have a dog, click the axe to throw your wolf forward. Also, the wolf is very powerful. does NOT attack teammates (unlike Necromancer), Wolf Tackle is easy to land, and you can heal your wolf with meats (e.g, Rotten Flesh).

4 Necromancer

On an endless killing spree, but you just keep getting killed by the one guy? Fear no more, the Necromancer summons a Skeletal every time you kill someone, so, you could have a fourteen-skeleton army!

5 Bomber

Bomber is by far the weirdest kit in the game. You get Throwing TNT (in which you can kill yourself and exploit with) and Explosive Arrow, which shoots an arrow that (TNT strapped onto it's back) explodes.

6 Assassin

It's hard to use the Assassin's Backstab, but here's how:
1. Strafe behind your opponent
2. Chase them.

7 Axeman

This kit treats axes like swords and throws them at enemies. But why did they not implement Berserker Leap?

8 Knight

The melee kit with a horribly aimed Hilt Smash that is very hard to hit with. That's pretty much it.

9 Archer

Ok, so Barrage is supposed to be massively OP, but where do you find arrows in such a stupidly big map? Also, Barrage in Survival Games has the arrows scatter more, making it even less OP. Why, Chiss, defek7, Sterling, and Spu, just, WHY?

10 Spectator

Survival Games is the 3rd worst game to spectate, 2nd being Snake, and 1st being Ultra Hardcore.

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11 Barbarian
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