Top 10 Best Classes to Take in High School

Some classes we love and others we hate but here's the classes that are actually fun and/or interesting.

The Top Ten

1 PE

Basically you get to play games all class. Even if PE isn't your thing you never get homework so that's a positive - Randomator

This is My favorite class.

2 Teacher/Office Aid

Pretty self explanatory here. You basically get a freebie class which sometimes means you can do homework or just play on your phone half the time. I definitely recommend it if your high school lets you do this as a class option - Randomator

3 Clay fundamentals class

This one is pretty Self explanatory. You literally just create stuff with clay which is actually pretty fun. - Randomator

It's actually called ceramics and it was fun! I made mugs, a plate, figurines, and scale models of places.

4 Band/Orchestra

In all honesty it isn't that bad. Plus you get to go to all the home football/basketball games and do competitions - Randomator

5 Art

You can draw and paint which is kinda fun and even if you aren't good at it most of the time you still get a good grade. - Randomator

The most relaxed and stress-free class I'm currently taking

6 Woodshop class

You get to build stuff with wood which is kinda fun if you know what you're doing. - Randomator

It is sooo fun

7 Drama Class

If you are interested in acting this class can be interesting as that's the main focus of this class. I'm not interested in this but I have friends who are - Randomator

8 Photography

See Drama class. Basically the same thing here. If you are interested in Photography then this is the class for you. Not really my thing but again I've heard my friends say they like it - Randomator

9 Robotics class

See woodshop class. Same applies here - Randomator


It is a little bit of work but similar to band/orchestra if you are interested in it this class can turn out to be not as bad as it sounds - Randomator

Good class.

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11 Computing
12 Psychology
13 Physics
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