Top 10 Classic Albums Critics Hated

The title is self-explanatory. The top of the list will include overwhelmingly negative reviews, but mixed reception will also be included if the album did go on to become a real cult classic.
The Top Ten
1 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Product Image

Pretty amateur critics if you ask me.

2 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Product Image

But then, Led Zeppelin went on to become legends of rock music and proved the critics wrong!

3 Kick Out The Jams - MC5 Kick Out The Jams - MC5 Product Image

"You've heard all this before from such notables as the Seeds, Blue Cheer, Question Mark and the Mysterians, and the Kingsmen. The difference here, the difference which will sell several hundred thousand copies of this album, is in the hype, the thick overlay of teenage-revolution and total-energy-thing which conceals these scrapyard vistas of cliches and ugly noise." - Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone

4 Pinkerton - Weezer Pinkerton - Weezer Product Image

"Ignore the lyrics entirely" - Melody Maker
Most reviews were actually not that negative, fro example Rolling Stone gave it a 3/5, but it surprisingly still ended up "third worst album of 1996" in the Rolling Stone critic's poll.

5 Jazz - Queen Jazz - Queen Product Image

A SCATHING Rolling Stone review by Dave Marsh, closing with : " Indeed, Queen may be the first truly fascist rock band. The whole thing makes me wonder why anyone would indulge these creeps and their polluting ideas."
Reviews in general were overwhelmingly negative :
"Absurdly dull and filled with dumb ideas and imitative posturing." - Mitchell Cohen, Creem

Critics were always harsh on Queen.

6 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Product Image

Would say it's quite overrated, but still has great songs like Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Ciger and the title track. Not as good as The Wall and Dark Side Of The Moon though.

I think it's because people were expecting Dark Side of the Moon Part 2, and that's not what they got.

"From whichever direction one approaches Wish You Were Here, it still sounds unconvincing in its ponderous sincerity and displays a critical lack of imagination in all departments." - Melody Maker

Ok, now this is surprising considering how iconic this album is now.

7 Exile on Main St - The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St - The Rolling Stones Product Image

The album was not very well-received by critics.
"I still think that the great Stones album of their mature period is yet to come." - Lenny Kaye, Rolling Stone
It now sits at #8 on their list of greatest albums of all time.

Now considered the 9th greatest album ever by acclaimed music.

8 Harvest - Neil Young Harvest - Neil Young Product Image
9 (What's the Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis Product Image
10 Ram - Paul & Linda McCartney Ram - Paul & Linda McCartney Product Image

"incredibly inconsequential" "monumentally irrelevant" - Jon Landau, Rolling Stone
This album was panned by everyone, especially the former Beatles members. Critics like it now, however.

The Contenders
11 High Voltage - AC/DC High Voltage - AC/DC Product Image
12 Korn - Korn Korn - Korn Product Image

The reviews were mixed, not all being negative. However, it did receive some pretty bad grades from some :
Calgary Herald : D-
Rolling Stone 2/5
The Village Voice : C-

13 Einzelhaft - Falco Einzelhaft - Falco Product Image

Possibly the most iconic Austrian album of all time, having introduced one of the five biggest and most beloved Austrian music artists ever who would have as about as many hits and evergreens in Austria as the Beatles or Michael Jackson. It was the best selling album of 1982 in Austria and most households own a copy. Yet infamously, when Falco's songs were on the radio back then, the announcers heavily panned them. After the songs were over, they announced the next tracks with "and now we'll play some real music". They arguably hated his drug fueled and provocative lyrics.
In the meantime, these very songs are classics the entire nation loves and which are everywhere.

14 Van Halen III - Van Halen Van Halen III - Van Halen Product Image
15 Bad - Michael Jackson Bad - Michael Jackson Product Image

I don't know who added this but critics instantly praised this album highly. The only one who was critical of it was Robert Christgau, and he was not that critical of it since he gave it a B+. So yeah, wrong.

16 X - Def Leppard X - Def Leppard Product Image
17 Hot Space - Queen Hot Space - Queen Product Image
18 A Day Without Rain - Enya A Day Without Rain - Enya Product Image
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