Top 10 Classic Disney Movies

These are the top ten classic Disney movies that I loved!

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1 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The one that started it all. - Disneylover1959

The beginning of history

My all time favourite Disney movie! Love snow white - jaythomo2

Magic mirror on the wall, what's the greatest movie of them all?

Famed is thy movie, Elsa. But there is a princess who's movie is greater than yours.

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2 Sleeping Beauty

When I was 8 my two favorite movies were sleeping beauty and the lion king. this movie thought me to love classic musicals it may not have great feminen or masculin roles but virtually everything else is amazing

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3 Cinderella

I was reluctant to watch this movie as I am a guy but at age 12 I really wanted to watch it where before I had no oppion on this movie now I adore it!

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4 Dumbo

Simply adorable, emotoinal and inspirational quite possibly Disney's greatest

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5 Lady and the Tramp

Because it was made in 1955, this story amazed me and I'm still watching it today

6 101 Dalmatians
7 Pinocchio

Watching Pinocchio makes me wish that I was a real boy - Ajkloth

SO overrated. Especially when Pinocchio lies - michaelthecritic

8 The Sword in the Stone
9 Bambi
10 The Aristocats

I LOVE THE movie 🎥

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11 The Lion King
12 The Jungle Book
13 Beauty and the Beast

I love Beauty and the Beast. There is a beautiful moral to the story that I always live by. - Britgirl

14 The Little Mermaid
15 Tangled
16 Lilo & Stitch

Nope not a classic Disney movie.


17 The Rescuers
18 Frozen

Doesn't count as a Disney classic at all so this film's nothing but rather less classical. However, Elsa herself really deserves to be better off in any better, greater classic 2D Disney films than this dreaded, less classical movie, doesn't she? So does Olaf, Marshmallow, the snow-gies (Frozen Fever) and even Hans of the Southern Isles! Plus, Elsa herself really deserves to have her own classic Disney princess/queen film too, doesn't she? After all, I couldn't easily stand the idea of her and that insufferable Anna living in the same Disney movie at all. The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen's more classical than this film, isn't it?

19 Hercules
20 Aladdin
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