Top 10 Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from Arthur

Inspired by Evan TheNerd's list series of the same name I've decided to to one as well with the Top 10 Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from Arthur as we countdown the top 10 nightmarish moments from the classic kids TV series.

The Top Ten Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from Arthur

1 The Ending from The Boy Who Cried Comet

As the episode wraps up it ends it revealed that the whole episode was being filmed for a movie or T.V. show as the actors remove their masks to reveal themselves to be aliens on another planet. - egnomac

2 The Wrong Bus from Lost

After Arthur tells Francine and Buster that he has to take the public bus to his swimming lessons since his mom is unable to take him they become incredibly worried for him as they tell him the dangers of taking the bus as Buster tells him about a guy who took the bus and it kept on going and going as Arthur envisions himself on a bus and asks the bus driver when the next stop is as he missed his stop at his swimming class as the driver tells him "You got the wrong bus kid, we don't make any stops" as Arthur protests how its impossible as the driver turns around revealing his face to be a an squid like alien as he responds "Oh!, Really! " as everyone else on the bus too reveal themselves to be squid like aliens as Arthur screams in terror as the bus turns into a spaceship and blasts off, however it turns out Buster actually saw it from a movie. - egnomac

3 Digested by a Giant Clam from Double Dare

Arthur and his friends dare each other to skip school the next day but have second thoughts after Arthur and Buster both have the same dream where they are being digested by a giant clam the same from an episode of Dark Bunny who tells them they took a wrong turn at the bush. - egnomac

4 The Umbrella Story from Fernkeinstein's Monster

Fern tells a scary story that she claims is true about her uncle and a professor who find an umbrella with an eyeball at the end as she describes in gritty detail as the umbrella turns into some kind of monsters and devours the professor and flies off into the night, the story terrifies the others so much that they are unable to stop thinking about it. - egnomac

5 Jekyll & Hyde Music Video from Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Festival

One of the music videos from the episode features the Brain as he imagines himself checking out Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the library and begins imagining himself as the professor as he transforms into the menacing Mr. Hyde - egnomac

6 Arthur's Hallucination from Locked in the Library

After he and Francine are studying at the library for their project they end being locked in as Arthur realizing they've been locked in he begins to hallucinate about the objects in the library coming to life to attack him. - egnomac

7 Pranks Gone Wrong from The Fright Stuff

The boys and the girls attempt to prank one another at Muffy's party which is being held at creepy mansion which is rumored to be haunted but things don't go as planned as an actual ghost interferes with their pranks. - egnomac

8 The Monster Under the Bed and In the Closet from Night Fright

During the opening of the episode during the night Arthur begins hearing the monster under his bed complaining about Pal's snoring as the monster from inside the closet also complains about the other monster complaining as the two begin fighting and hurling objects at one another from across the room as the closet door opens revealing the monster from inside the closet. - egnomac

9 Envelope Gets Bigger from Arthur's Mystery Envelope

Arthur receives a envelope from principal Haney to give to his mom fearing that he's in trouble Arthur avoids giving it to her then later he has a nightmare as the envelope begins growing bigger and bigger until it nearly covers the town as D.W. pops out telling him "HAVE YOU TOLD MOM YET! ". - egnomac

10 Dinosaur in Buster's Closet from Buster's Dino Dilemma

After Buster steals a dinosaur fossil while on a field trip he has a nightmare in which the authorities come to his house accusing him of hiding a dinosaur in his room as something begins pounding on Buster's closet door where he's hiding the fossil as something is trying to get out as the door bursts open and an actual dinosaur emerges from the closet. - egnomac

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