Top Ten Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from the Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Franchise

The Top Ten

The Banshee from The Last Leprechaun
Everything from Seer No Evil

This episode is pretty creepy with the Rescue Rangers gang attending a carnival and meet up with one of Monterey Jack's old friends Cassandra the moth who's a fortune teller and gives the group their fortunes however Chip doesn't buy into anything she says but during their latest case Cassie's predictions start coming true for everyone and though Chip continues to be skeptic even he starts to becoming a believer especially since according to her predication Chip meets a terrible end involving an a elephant, trunk and total darkness, the group fearful for his safety leave him outside of the fun house which also happens to have a giant elephant statue outside to go after the carny and his monkey who who are hiding there with all the money they've stolen, despite the risk Chip goes in anyway and avoids being crushed by the giant elephant and as he arrives to help them to everyone's shock a trunk falls on top of him realizing that Cassandra didn't literally mean elephant's trunk but that ...more - egnomac

The Effects of the ARS from WORLDWIDE RESCUE
The Ghost of The Canterville Cat from Ghost of a Chance
Tom Under The Influence of A War Game from Robocat
The Sphinx of Inka-dinka-do from Throw Mummy From the Train
The Zombies from Chocolate Chips
Su Lin's Deceptions from Song of the Night 'n Dale
Fat Cat's Evil Laughter from Adventures in Squirrelsitting
Chip Getting Poisoned from SLIPPIN' THROUGH THE CRACKS
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