Top Ten Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from Chris-Chan

The Top Ten

1 Chris Accidentally Starting A Fire In His Own House from 2014
2 The Torture And Execution Scenes from Sonichu (Comic)
3 Magi-Chan Time Traveling To The Future To Posion The Earth's Water Supply With An Anti-homosexuality Vaccine from Sonichu (Comic)
4 My Breast Massage Routine 18+ from 2016

I'd rather add it as NSFL, not NSFW. - BorisRule

5 Magi-Chan Psychicly Spying On The Homosexuals In Order To Ban Them from Sonichu (Comic)
6 Chris Masturbating While Singing All Star from 2018
7 Rosechu's Reproductive System Being Explained In Great Detail from Sonichu (Comic)
8 Message from Crystal W Chandler of the future from 2019
9 Oestrogel application and Vibrating Bra, How To. from 2015
10 Chris Creating The Facebook Page 'Brassieres for Males' from 2013

The Contenders

11 Chris And Barb Assaulting Michael Snyder from 2011
12 Possessed by a Hyperdimension Neptunia Character (2017)

Alte Nachricht, but this one was a pure idiotic story. - BorisRule

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