Top 10 Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from the Loud House

Well someone had to do this one, as the title says this list is about the top classic examples of nightmare fuel moments from The Loud House wither its an episode or a whole episode.

The Top Ten Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from the Loud House

1 Zombie Louds from One Flu Over the Loud House

The Loud House is hit with a flu epidemic as the Louds are infected with the flu meanwhile Lincoln, Leni, Lisa, Lucy, and Luna not infected attempt to escape the house without being infected but its easy said them done when the infected siblings pursue them like zombies and one by one each of them gets infected until only Lincoln and Leni are left and despite their best efforts its all in vain as they too fall victim to the flu and become infected. - egnomac

I love this episode. - Tdi

Are all of your lists based off WatchMojo’s lists?

2 The Royal Woods House of Horrors from Jeers for Fears

Lincoln and Clyde attempt to prove to Chandler and his friends that their not chicken by going to the Royal Woods House of Terror and try to toughen up by having Lucy and his sisters help them conquer their fears which goes as well as you would expect as everything they try ends up scaring them, later Bobby takes them on a behind the scene's tour of the house of terror showing them how everything is done so they won't be as scared when they go later but when they show up due to management finding out about them taking a tour of the place and not finding it scary leading to them do a complete overhaul making it even scarier. - egnomac

3 Lucy's Haunted Corn Maze from Tricked

To get back at Hank and Hawk for ruining everyone's Halloween Lincoln and Clyde lure them into Lucy's Haunted Corn maze where all the sisters terrorize the two all while Luna sings "You got tricked". - egnomac

I love it

4 The Harvester from The Price of Admission

There was just too many moments to pick from the episode so I included the whole episode, Lincoln sneaks into a scary movie "The Harvester" a movie about an evil farmer who goes around harvesting people's organs and the movie terrifies Lincoln so much that he becomes terrified of everything especially when his parents send him on an errand to find some pumpkin decorations supposedly located in dark areas then later becomes too terrified to even sleep. - egnomac

That trailer also a nightmare

5 Lincoln and Clyde Leave Lisa's Bunker to Find Everyone Gone from Last Loud on Earth

In the episode Lincoln and Clyde sneak into Lisa's bunker so they can watch a zombie movie marathon, when they leave they find the whole town deserted as everyone has mysteriously disappeared and worst the boys find themselves being pursued by a couple of zombies or so they think as the boys attempt to get to the mall where all the other survivors are at while avoiding the zombies. - egnomac

6 The Rat Beast from Tails of Woe

After Stella's music boss disappears Lincoln and the rest of the boys assume that her music box may have been stolen by the rat beast a student urban legend of an experiment gone wrong which is described to be huge and have glowing green eyes with many tails and it goes around the school causing all sorts of disturbances and stealing stuff from the other students. - egnomac

7 The Rosie Doll from Tea Tale Heart

Lola borrows Lucy's doll who she calls Rosie without her permission and accidentally ruins the doll and when she fails to fix it she buys another doll so she can make it look like original doll so she can return it to Lucy without her knowing while she tries to get rid of the ruined doll but no matter how hard she tries the doll mysteriously reappears in her room which leads her to believe that the doll maybe haunted she even resorts to dumping the doll at the bottom of Tall Timbers pond only for the doll to once again appear which leads to finally confess to Lucy, though in a spoiler alert its revealed that it was actually Lana who was bringing the doll back and returning it to their room. - egnomac

It's not scary at beginning.but too scary at end

8 Vampire Lucy from Butterfly Effect

A scene that completely come out of nowhere in the episode Lincoln sets off a chain reaction that leads to things good and bad to happen to each of his sisters with one of them having Lucy turn into a vampire after being bitten by one of Lana's vampire bats let loose by Luan. - egnomac

9 The Hill People from In Tents Debate

At the end of the episode while at Scratch Bottom Camp Grounds Lincoln finds out that the Hill People who his sisters stating earlier are non existent are actually real as they appear behind him hiding in the bushes as he runs away in terror. - egnomac

10 Lori's Night in the Garage from Garage Banned

In the episode Lori decides to move into the garage to be away from her siblings but when its time for bed she is unable to sleep due to the creepy shadows the sound of the wind and when a squirrel slams into the window next to her she gets startled and bumps into the switch that causes the garage door to open as she frantically pushes to button to close it, she spends the rest of the night huddled on the recliner too scared too sleep. - egnomac

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