Top 10 Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from South Park

Surprised this one hasn't been done yet as with the other classic example of Nightmare Fuel list series we will be looking at the most nightmare fuel moments from the South Park series.
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1 The Woodland Critters Real Nature from Woodland Critters Christmas

Stan is roped into helping a group of Woodland critters prepare as one of their own a porcupine is preparing to give birth to their savior as he helps them to built a manger for the baby and also manages to kill a mountain lion that was intent on killing porcupine however things quickly take a turn for the worse as Stan now realizes that the mountain lion had three cubs who are now orphaned and not only that but the woodland critters are not at all what he thought they were as they are actually a bunch of demonic animals with satanic powers who were really preparing for the birth of the Antichrist and as Stan tries to stop them they use their satanic powers to attack him.

I agree with this being number 1. I don't think there was ever anything more messed up in South Park then those creepy critters. Although seeing them in a blood orgy was arguably worse.

2 Cartman Feeds Scott Tenorman His Parents from Scott Tenorman Must Die

In one of the most messed up endings ever Cartman tries to get back at Scott Tenorman for cheating him out of his money by staging a chili cook-off an then serving Scott Tenorman chili made from his own parents as they were killed by Mr. Denkin's and Cartman took their dead bodies and ground them up into the chili and fed it to Scott.

Cartman, you were just cheated out some money. And you try to get back at Scott, BY KILLING HIS PARENTS?! You are one messed up kid, Cartman!

3 Chef's Death from The Return of Chef

In the episode the boys find out that Chef has been brainwashed by a club known as the Super Adventure Club and despite their best attempts to break their hold on him Chef gives into the club betraying the boys and as he heads back towards the Super Adventure Club headquarters lightining strikes the bridge he was on as it breaks and he falls and is impaled by a large and sharp tree bark and dies a very gruesome death as a mountain lion and a bear show up and tear him apart at one point the mountain lion rips off Chef's face revealing his bloody skull.

A very sad death for one of the best characters in South Park. Today I find the episode very funny considering what happened with Chef's voice actor.

4 Randy Kills Winnie the Pooh from Band in China

In an attempt to get on good terms with the Chinese government so he can sell his Tegridy weed Randy willingly murders Winnie the Pooh who the Chinese government really hate due to people saying he looks like the Chinese president as he strangles Pooh to death with a cable as blood spurts out his neck all while Piglet watches in horror.

I wish China would just get over Winnie the Pooh

Yeah… Let's just say that for those who grew up with Winnie the Pooh, this is nightmare fuel at it's finest.

5 Kyle's Nightmare from Cartoon Wars Part 1

In this sequence Kyle has a nightmare where South Park is under a terrorist attack as a result of Family Guy airing an episode with Muhammad uncensored as Kyle chases after his brother Ike who is then killed in a bombing as he is burned alive as Kyle is killed as well right before waking up.

6 Zombie Attack from Pinkeye

South Park is overrun with zombies as the boys find themselves fighting off the undead as they try to find out how to put an end to it.

I died many times that episode.

7 Manbearpig Attack from Imaginationland

In this scene while at the pentagon Manbearpig emerges from the portal that leads to Imaginationland and begins attacking and killing and strangles Kyle as the scientists attempt to suck him back into the portal and by doing so Stan also gets sucked in.

8 Ginger Kids Abduct the Children of South Park from Ginger Kids

In the episode Cartman makes a hate speech on ginger kids and Kyle and the others fed up with his prejudice towards the gingers they decide to turn Cartman into a ginger to give him a taste of his own medicine however this goes wrong as Carman then leads all the gingers in town kidnap all the kids in South Park with the intend on killing off every non ginger.

Gingers have no souls.

9 Stan's Killer Fish from Spookyfish

Stan's Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit and as a present gives him a pet fish however the there's something real fishy about his new fish "no pun intended" as it begins writing threatening messages in its bowl and at one point he throws a shirt over the fish bowl then when he wakes up moments later he finds the shirt gone and the fish seems to inch closer every time he closes his eyes until the fish literally appears on his bed which causes him to scream waking the whole family but things get much worse when he starts discovering dead bodies in his room in the morning and the fish continues to kill more people including Kenny and Aunt Flo and its later revealed the fish was bought at a pet store that contains a literal doorway to a parallel world where the evil pets come from.

Never trust a fish

He ate my head :(

10 The Black Monster from City on the Edge of Forever

In the episode the school children are trapped on the bus as its stuck on a cliff and as Ms. Crabtree leaves to get help she tells the kids not to get off because a giant scary monster will eat them if they do, one of the kids doesn't buy it and tries to leave and a gigantic black monster appears and kills him and later appears again to kill Kenny.

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11 Blood Orgy from Woodland Critters Christmas
12 The Succubus from The Succubus
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