Top Ten Classic In Flames Songs

These are (in my opinion) the best In Flames songs from 1994(Lunar Strain) to 2000(Clayman).

The Top Ten

1 Ordinary Story

Not only the best old school In Flames song, but their best song, period. - JauntRaun

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2 Only for the Weak

Definitely one of their most popular songs. Still played live to this day. The guitar solo gives me chills every time. - JauntRaun

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3 Artifacts of the Black Rain

The Jester Race is commonly cited as the band's best work, and while that's debatable, this song is amazing regardless. - JauntRaun

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4 Jotun

This song opens up In Flames' third album, Whoracle, perfectly. Great melodies and vocalist Anders Friden's growls are brutal. - JauntRaun

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5 Pinball Map

In my opinion, Clayman is their best album, and this just proves my point more. It has a fantastic guitar solo, and this is one of the only songs on the record to have clean-ish singing in the chorus. - JauntRaun

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6 Colony

The title track from the band's fourth album is often looked to as one of the best songs they've made. It kind of shows a glimpse into the future of what In Flames would become, with the groove riffs and clean singing in the chorus. - JauntRaun

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7 Worlds Within the Margin

This track from Whoracle is probably the heaviest song they have made. It does a great job of mixing beautiful melodies with, brutal riffs and vocals. The synths add a nice touch, too. - JauntRaun

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8 Behind Space

This song from their debut album, Lunar Strain, has some of the most memorable and chilling riffs in the band's discography. The intro gives me goosebumps still, and the guitar solo is awesome. This track, along with the rest of the band's debut album, is notably darker and evil sounding than the rest of their material. - JauntRaun

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9 Moonshield

The song that opens their masterpiece, The Jester Race, is a classic in it's own right. The acoustic guitar work is excellent, and it does a great job of showing what exactly the listener was getting into with this album. - JauntRaun

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10 Stand Ablaze

In Flames' first ep, Subterranean, is often overlooked. This song is great though, with some nice lead guitars and melodies. It's more melodic tone contrasts nicely with Lunar Strain's more sinister tone. - JauntRaun

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The Contenders

11 Jester Script Transfigured UListen to Sample
12 Zombie Inc. UListen to Sample
13 Satellites and Astronauts UListen to Sample
14 Resin UListen to Sample
15 Gyroscope

I just keep coming back to this, classic In Flames masterpiece

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1. Ordinary Story
2. Only for the Weak
3. Artifacts of the Black Rain


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