Top Ten Classic Hard Rock Faceoffs


The Top Ten

1 Led Zeppelin vs Queen

Queen by a long shot. - PetSounds

Queen easily.

Queen. - bzsuzsi0128

Zeppelin. - JCHOW

2 Black Sabbath vs Blue Oyster Cult

Sabbath. - JCHOW

3 Aerosmith vs ZZ Top

ZZ Top, I don't like Aerosmith. - JCHOW

4 The Cult vs the Black Crowes
5 Judas Priest vs Scorpions

Priest. - JCHOW

6 Van Halen vs Dio

Van Halen, don't really care for Dio, but I do like Holy Diver. - JCHOW

7 Fleetwood Mac vs Heart

Since when has Fleetwood Mac been hard rock? Anyhow, it's no contest--FM wins. - PetSounds

Could've been Joan Jett, but then they wouldn't be able to compete with a band such as Heart. Then again, I want to hear what anyone else thinks this should be changed to Joan Jett VS Heart. Fleetwood Mac is one that just has to be considered in greatest history of females in rock music period. - Devin112

8 Queensryche vs Def Leppard
9 Twisted Sister vs Misfits
10 Joan Jett vs Heart

The Contenders

11 Motley Crue vs Pantera
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