Top Ten Best Classic Male Names

Why aren't people calling their sons these beautiful names anymore?

The Top Ten

1 George

I'm called Georgie. This is my nickname. I love this name!

Really do like this name. - PositronWildhawk

I like it - WinchesterGirl26

2 James

Just sounds so friendly and intelligent. - Britgirl

3 Matthew
4 William

There have been people in the 1800s named William and there are still people named William today. - Ajkloth

5 Burt
6 Andrew

Not all that common anymore. Please don't let this beautiful name die out. - Britgirl

7 Arthur

If I ever have a son, this is without a doubt what one of his names would be.
Incidentally, I know more kids/teenagers named Matthew than any other name, so Britgirl, you needn't worry about that name disappearing. - beatles

8 Fred
9 Charlie

So cheeky and loveable! - Britgirl

10 Harold

The Contenders

11 Lawson

The name of my crush...

12 Eugene
13 Brian
14 Derek
15 Paul
16 Maxfield
17 Bimbie
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