Top 10 Classic Namco Arcade Games

A list of the most memorable arcade titles by Namco.
The Top Ten
1 Pac-Man

I do like this game, but I suck at it. Maybe I will like it more if I get better. But galaga is my favorite because it's the game I've got down to a science, and I've played galaga my whole life.

Pac man the best arcade game of all time and I think the best Atari game ever scratch that it is

Namco's flagship character and the most popular of the namco games

This game is so addicting and fun! You gotta love it!

2 Galaga

This game is still fun to this day you can play this on certain game systems and the controls haven't changed ever since awesome arcade shooter.

My mom is great at this and I inherited her skills. I honed them playing Touhou.

I've been playing this my whole life and no arcade game compares to this!

My favorite arcade game and my 6th favorite video game of all time

3 Dig Dug

This was my favorite game when I was a kid, wow it sure brought back some good memories. How or where do I go to download the game for free? HELP!

Very addictive, and fun classic

I love this one! My high score is 154.000!

I have the machine in my room.

4 Ms. Pac-Man

The most influential female video game character came from this game, and in my opinion the game just plays better than pac man.

Best game ever. PacMan with 100 times more stuff!

It’s way better than regular Pac-Man to me.

5 Mappy

This game is cute!

6 Rolling Thunder

One of my new favorites. Damn, Albatross is HAWT!

7 Bosconian

Very fun game, more involved than many other namco games.

This one is my personal favorite. really good game

8 Pole Position II

More races to choose and very fun for a racing game as long as you get use to the controls

9 Galaxian

If you like slow paced games this game is for you

10 Xevious

Tetsuya Mizuguchi played this game and the SFX was like music to him. That was one of the inspirations for Rez, one of my favorite games of all time. I also like this game because it reminds me a bit of Touhou.

The Contenders
11 Super Pac-Man

Easier than the original Pac Man.

12 Rally-X

New Rally-X is better

13 Pole Position
14 Wonder Momo
15 Ridge Racer
16 Bravoman
17 Shadow Land
18 Dragon Buster

Think of it as the main character looks like link from legend of Zelda with some RPG elements to it

19 Dragon Spirit Dragon Spirit Product Image
20 Time Crisis
21 Pac-Mania

The only pacman game that you can jump very revoutional for the time

22 Baraduke
23 Tekken 3
24 Time Crisis 2
25 Alpine Racer
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