Top 10 Classic Namco Arcade Games

A list of the most memorable arcade titles by Namco.

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21 Pole Position
22 Sky Kid
23 Tekken 3
24 Dig Dug II
25 Assault
26 The Tower of Druaga

What? This game is terrible! The controls are awkward, the graphics are bland, the gameplay is slow and boring, the mazes are a chore to navigate, the music is annoying, the levels are repetitive, the enemies are clumsy, and the whole experience is clunky and definitely not worth your time. "The Tower of Druaga" doesn't measure up to ONE of the other arcade titles by Namco. Not even close! Spend your quarter on "Pac-Man", "Dig-Dug", or "Galaga", but unless you want to waste a quarter, don't play "The Tower of Druaga"!

27 Ridge Racer
28 Grobda
29 Galaga (arranged)
30 Pac-Man (arranged)
31 Dig Dug (arranged)
32 New Rally-X
33 Motos
34 Pac-Land

"Pac-Land" is incredibly lame! You play a Pac-Man who's constantly running out of energy as if he was dying, and all you do is take a walk through your neighborhood, jumping over and ducking under flying ghosts, while munching the occasional fruit treat or power pellet. The game offers little challenge, the levels are practically the same, with the occasional forest, the controls are clunky, and the experience is very shallow and boring. It's a game that you will play once, and never play again. The only two games by Namco I can think of that are worse than "Pac-Land" are "The Tower of Druaga", and "Phozon". Don't waste your precious money on this suck fest, unless you're an old geezer who likes to take walks for fun.

35 PacWhiz
36 Cutie Q

A fun classic pinball game made by Namco! Play it on arcade or on Namco museum megamix on Wii. - KriCket33554

37 Toy Pop
38 Gaplus
39 Phozon
40 Ordyne
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