Top 10 Classic Nike Basketball Shoes

They don't make shoes like they use to anymore and a lot of what is available today are old styles reintroduced or RETRO. Here are 10 of my favorite old school basketball shoes from Nike along with my favorite color way.

The Top Ten

1 Air Jordan XI (White/North Carolina Blue)

Awesome tits

XL maybe just not these colorway but BRED

2 Air Max Uptempo 95 (White/Black)
3 Nike Air Go LWP (Black/Varsity Royal-White)
4 Jordan X (White/Black)
5 Air Max 2 CB 94 (White/Black/Purple)
6 Air Maestro (Black/White)
7 Air Max Penny 1 (Black/Royal/White)
8 Air Force Max 2 Strong (White/Black)

I remember first seeing somebody wear these on the court and they looked so cool and futuristic that I had to get me a pair. Looks like they have some good ankle support, but I've probably sprained my ankle with this shoe more than any other pair. But they were so comfortable and bouncy, that I loved them. - miltwong

9 Jordan 9 (Cool Grey/White)

I know I don't have many Jordans on this list, but I rarely played in Jordans. I wore them casually because I didn't want to ruin them. But I did wear these and one of my favorite Jordans. - miltwong

10 Air Flight Huarche (Black/Silver)

Innovative for the time and super light. It was a great indoor shoe but didn't last too long on the black top. - miltwong

The Contenders

11 Air Jordan VI Infrared
12 Nike Lebron 9

I have South Beaches and there great shoes and there hot

13 Air Jordan Melo M10

Carmelo can beat Lebron so badly so at least admire him by wearing his shoes - Shane1470

14 Kyrie 2
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