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241 (I Just) Died in Your Arms - Cutting Crew

This song is what I'll call the most criminally underrated song in the history of humankind. Look at the position its in - 286. God! People, if you haven't tried out this song yet, I recommend you do. I'll assure you that you'll love it. It has such a tune, it could change my whole attitude. Rock can create magical stuff and this has to be the best of it. - SytachiRed

Awesome song with great tune! As old as it is, it still rocks!

242 With a Little Help from My Friends - Joe Cocker

It's hard to improve on the Beatles, but there is absolutely nothing else that sounds like this song...pure genius arrangement by Cocker.

This is a proper rock song when done by Cocker, too low on the list.

243 Twilight Zone - Golden Earring
244 Let There Be Rock - AC/DC

The live version is way too epic, it made me fall in love with acdc and Angus.

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245 While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles

Harrison & Clapton at their best!

I think it should be in the top the Beatles are great but when mark knofler,eric clapton,prince and tom petty was amazing

246 Supper's Ready - Genesis

The magnum opus of Genesis, the piece that, at its time, was the song that all progressive bands would try to get even a bit close to its overall greatness. It's a very long song, which takes some people off of it, but if you have the patience to listen to the whole build up and the climax, your life will change.

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247 Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh
248 Bad Company - Bad Company

One of my favorites, so it gets my vote!

Great musicals, just plain out great song

249 Come Together - The Beatles
250 Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac
251 Rod Stewart - Young Turks
252 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
253 Blackbird - Alter Bridge

The best rock song in the 21st century for sure, amazing vocals by myles kennedy and the solo is perfect, alter bridge is the new zeppelin in my opinion

The best song to come out of the rock genre in the 21st century. The fact I have to add this myself makes me sad.

254 Echoes - Pink Floyd
255 Animal - Def Leppard
256 Bark at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
257 Stranglehold - Ted Nugent
258 You Really Got Me - Van Halen
259 My Sharona - The Knack
260 Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys
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