Top 10 Classic Tom and Jerry Episodes

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21 The Million Dollar Cat V 1 Comment
22 Sleepy-Time Tom
23 The Flying Sorceress

This episode has probably the most painful moment in Tom and Jerry's history. What else can you say having your lower regions hit a tree slicing through it and have it go up to your neck

Ha ha this is so funny.

24 The Bowling-Alley Cat

A milestone in Tom and Jerry's history. - Svampbob164

One of the top 5. - AlGalaxy

25 Salt Water Tabby

Scene where he gets stuck in the umbrella is priceless!

26 Tom and Chérie
27 Love That Pup
28 Jerry And The Lion
29 Pet Peeve
30 Mouse In Manhattan


31 Cat Concerto

This was always my favourite

I'm conflicted with this one. I love the music, but it takes waay too long for Jerry to get his revenge on Tom. - Svampbob164

32 Flirty Birdy
33 Saturday Evening Puss

This episode was hilarious and made me interested.

34 Muscle Beach Tom
35 Southbound Duckling
36 Professor Tom

Much better than the mediocre Little School Mouse. Especially since Jerry's trying to teach Topsy about friendship. - Svampbob164

37 Jerry and the Goldfish

This is my favorite one. Please make it number one before I sue this website. JK. Ps I love the scene where Tom gets his face smashed by a frying pan! Haha! - OhioStateBuckeyes

This was my favorite cartoon as a kid. It's still one of my all-time favorites! - Svampbob164

38 The Vanishing Duck V 1 Comment
39 Pup On a Picnic
40 Old Rockin Chair Tom

It's great to see the two work together now and then

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