Top 10 Classic Video Games that are Great but Not the Masterpieces They are Claimed to Be

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1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Product Image

Yes, I like this game, but's not the best ever. - TriggerTrashKid

I disagree. This game is a masterpiece. - MaxPap

Introduced many of the infamous cliches that have consistently plagued all of the 3D Zelda games leading up to Breath Of The Wild ever since, but still a very good game even in retrospect - xandermartin98

2 Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Product Image

Pretty good as long as you only do the New Game Plus sidequest once and then never bother with it again (so easy I could almost play it with my eyes closed and my arms tied behind my back, however; note that a lot of these other games have this exact same issue as well)

Also, the characters are basically just props, and the actual story itself is barely any better than they are - xandermartin98

3 Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 Product Image

Banjo-Kazooie was just as good, enough said - xandermartin98

The game had its flaws, yes, but I did like it...
...well, some of it. - mattstat716

4 Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VI Product Image

Better than Chrono Trigger, sure, but still a VERY broken and deeply flawed game; between Kefka's atrociously executed "LOL, so evil" motivation and the combat system featuring glitches and exploits out the wazoo, I'm honestly not quite sure WHAT its most fatal flaw actually is - xandermartin98

5 Pong Pong Product Image
6 Super Metroid Super Metroid Product Image

Mind-numbingly too easy even for the type of game that it is; soundtrack is overall pretty weak and forgettable outside of the Brinstar, Maridia and Lower Norfair themes; boss fights are excessively scripted and completely unchallenging outside of the Ridley one; Space Pirate AI is so bad it isn't even funny; game as a whole is once again treated as a sacred holy grail of its franchise when many of its later follow-ups (including the Metroid 1-2 remakes, which SM itself is more or less one of, mind you) were easily just as good as it was and in many cases (cough, Prime Trilogy, cough) better overall - xandermartin98

"Too easy" What? - MaxPap

7 Mortal Kombat Trilogy Mortal Kombat Trilogy Product Image

MK Trilogy is great! - RichHomelessGreedyMan

8 Earthbound Earthbound Product Image

Has pretty much the exact same insufferably irritating "LOL so random" style of humor as Undertale, but a 1990s version of it

Also, the combat system is a bad ripoff of Dragon Quest, the menu interfaces are needlessly slow and clunky, the saving system is incredibly poorly explained, the storyline is barely even existent, Giygas isn't even that scary of a boss overall when compared to his later Undertale counterparts, etc - xandermartin98

9 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Product Image
10 Undertale

Is really only worth actually playing for the True Pacifist run (as a whole) and the Genocide run (Sans/Undyne fights specifically)

Has an unbelievably massive amount of wasted potential and probably should have had at least four or five more actual legitimate bosses than it actually did (cough, Genocide counterparts of Toriel, Papyrus, Mettaton, Muffet and Asgore that actually put up a proper fight against you, cough) but for what it is, it's still easily one of the best games of the current decade regardless and is almost TOO charming and memorable for its own good - xandermartin98

Good to see this on the list. Not even remotely a masterpiece.
Mastahpieces are games like Odyssey, BoTW, Sonic 3 + Knuckles, Sonic Mania, etc. - mattstat716

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11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Product Image

(Dragonborn meme hype aside) Skyrim is actually generally quite flagrantly BAD as a game, honestly, and overshadows Oblivion and Morrowind WAY too much for its own good - xandermartin98

12 Donkey Kong (Arcade) Donkey Kong (Arcade) Product Image
13 Super Mario Kart Super Mario Kart Product Image
14 Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Melee Product Image

Good game for single-player, yes, but single-player wasn't even the POINT of the series in the first place (also, the graphics were horribly rushed and the character roster even MORE horrendously unbalanced than Brawl's) - xandermartin98

Just go onto youtube and type in "Melee is broken".
You'll see all the flaws. - mattstat716

15 Half-Life Half-Life Product Image
16 Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2 Product Image

Had a better story than the first game, but that REALLY isn't saying much, and all of the people saying that Gordon is the best video game character of all time probably have even WORSE taste in characters than the God Of War Trilogy fanboys (also, it plays much more like a generic modern shooter when compared to the first game and is overall considerably less strategic, challenging and varied to say the least)

Oh, and for its time, HL1 was easily, EASILY more innovative and ambitious of a game than this was (not counting HL2's popularization of Havoc physics) - xandermartin98

17 Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart 64 Product Image
18 Fortnite Fortnite Product Image

It's a fair surprise hit that got massively popular, but I wouldn't say great, but good nevertheless. - htoutlaws2012

Can this be moved to 1 - mattstat716

It needs to die

19 Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim Product Image

Well, the CARTOON series was an underrated masterpiece for sure; I'll give it that much at least - xandermartin98

20 Um Jammer Lammy Um Jammer Lammy Product Image

Honestly, the whole "this is the only true sequel to Parappa" and "this game literally kicks Parappa's sorry butt to hell and back" business amongst this game's fans (not to mention Lammy's incredibly unwarranted immortalization as the Parappa fandom's Memetic Sex Goddess) is making it ridiculously overrated - xandermartin98

21 Cave Story Cave Story Product Image

Again, too easy (also has so ridiculously bare-bones of a story that it might as well just be called Cave) - xandermartin98

22 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Product Image

Magic seal-scribbling nonsense aside,

Dawn Of Sorrow was an INFINITELY better game overall than this was (also disregarding DOS' quite literally abysmal joke of a final boss) - xandermartin98

23 Punch-Out! Punch-Out! Product Image

The Wii version absolutely DESTROYS the NES one and still isn't even that great of a game overall when you take away the irresistible charm and visual flair from it - xandermartin98

24 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Product Image

Great soundtrack, great level layouts and design, coming from the casual "kid who grew up with a wii", this game really isn't all that bad.

Unpopular opinion, but I believe Odyssey is a far better game than Galaxy 1. - htoutlaws2012

25 Kirby Super Star Kirby Super Star Product Image
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