Top 10 Classical Languages

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21 Bangal
22 Sinhalese
23 Lithuanian
24 Saurashtra
25 Turkish

Proto-Turkish language dates back to 14.000 years because. Concerned fellows may check the The Academy of Sciences of the USSR records.

Spoken in 7 countries as a mother tongue and you can travel if you start from Germany unil northern China without any problem if you know it

26 Punjabi

L love my Punjabi to speak

27 Russian
28 Old English

So brash, so exciting! A powerful language indeed.

29 Irish (Gaeilge)

Beautiful to hear for both experts of the language and people whom don't even know of it's existence. - LemonComputer

30 Bhojpuri
31 Sindhi

Please vote our mother boli

Sindhi my mother tongue
Sindhi number 1

32 Sanskrit

Sanskrit is not the language of god.. it is oldest and sanskrit is mostly derived from Tamil language. Tamil is the mother of all languages.

It is oldest language because many language in world based on this

Because it is the language of gods

Sanskrit is greatest classical language because it tells us "वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ".
It is language of entire humanity and not of any single ethnic group.

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33 Urdu

Most decent, respectful, powerful and intellectually challenging language I have ever learnt.

34 Hittite
35 Babylonian
36 Occitan

Old French-Spanish stuff.

37 Pashto
38 Hazaragi
39 Singli V 1 Comment
40 Slavic
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