Top 10 Classical Pieces You Have Probably Heard


The Top Ten

1 Symphony No. 5 In C Minor, Op. 67, Fate Allegro Con - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Great list idea. And I like all pieces in your top 10. I made several lists about classical music but there was no interest. I hope your list will have a better fate than mine. - Metal_Treasure

I've heard all of the songs on this list - SirSheep

2 Canon In D Minor - Johann Pachelbel

A favourite of mine since it was featured on "The Wonder Years". - truckturner

This is one of my favorite classical pieces. I don't know why - SirSheep

3 Spring (The Four Seasons) - Antonio Vivaldi
4 Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 - Beethoven
5 Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner

If you think deeper, Richard Wagner is one of the godfathers of metal. And not that guy who doesn't know what metal is...err...Ozzy... who? - Metal_Treasure

6 Turkish March - Mozart
7 Dies Irae (Requiem) - Giuseppi Verdi
8 Minuetto - Luigi Boccherini
9 In the Hall of the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg

It's funny how a piece that was originally written as incidental music (as opposed to a dedicated piece) became so famous as an individual piece. I think it's mainly down to how recognizable it is. - Gg2000

10 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

The Contenders

11 Voices of Spring Waltz - Johann Strauss II
12 Für Elise - Beethoven
13 Sleeping Beauty Waltz - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
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