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1 Rather Be Rather Be

Definitely their best

This deserves its spot, one of the best songs

I heard this song once and could not stop listening to it for probably like a week - TheInsomniac

This song helped me through a summer depression. I was literally miles away from my best friend and often cried when she wouldn't pick up the phone, but when Clean Bandit came on, I would start to feel better, even if some tears were shed. In other words, this song fixed my life.

2 Symphony Symphony

Best song ever

This should be number one. - MaxAurelius

Great song, song of the year

I really love this song. I wish I could find love like the lyrics describe.

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3 Rockabye Rockabye

Honestly, it's just so good even words can't describe it to be honest. This should honestly be the first place.

I love this song!

Best song written by clean bandit

Yes yes I really love this song - Crystalsnow

4 Solo

Should be top 3

I ' love Clean Bandit, and I'm really glad they're beginning to make their voice heard in 2018. It is simply incredible how they make such unique and eccentric music. They are overlooked because they always have a featured artist. They do the songwriting and music, but they just feature singers because they want a good voice to go along with the awesome music. Criminally underrated. - TheInsomniac

This song is very overplayed and I don't see why people like it so much. - Userguy44


5 Mozart's House
6 Tears
7 Come Over

Nice song... Love it

8 Telephone Banking
9 Extraordinary
10 Dust Clears

A very creative arrangement with beautiful strings melodies and on top of that a fantastic music video!

Awesome quality desrves the top place

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11 Stronger

Underrated! Better than the overplayed 'Symphony' overrated 'Rockabye' and the rather average but okay 'Solo' and is probably on par with 'Rather Be' if not better! Love this song so much should definitely be higher!

I wanted to be stronger! I wanted to be everything for you! - sryanbruen

12 A+E
13 Cologne
14 Up Again

Is the sample a remix? The videos I found on this song don't sound the same - TheInsomniac

The sample is the Drumsound and Bassline Smith remix - TheInsomniac

15 Baby

First song I've ever heard from Clean Bandit on Nov 12, 2019 and I had to research the rest. This is by far the best, either the original or acoustic version.

Great song but is underrated here.
The way she sings BABY... Is awesome love it. Was ma earworm for bout'a week

Yeah! Baby is great - Redrocky416

16 Real Love
17 I Miss You
18 New Eyes
19 Disconnect
20 Mama

I love the lyrics!
- TheDuttyGyal

21 Birch
22 Outro Movement III
23 Heart on Fire
24 Show Me Love
25 Out at Night
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1. Rather Be
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1. Rather Be
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1. Symphony
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