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1 Rather Be

I heard this song once and could not stop listening to it for probably like a week - TheInsomniac

This song helped me through a summer depression. I was literally miles away from my best friend and often cried when she wouldn't pick up the phone, but when Clean Bandit came on, I would start to feel better, even if some tears were shed. In other words, this song fixed my life.

2 Rockabye

I could put this song in my Frigid Fire movies! - The Ultimate Daredevil, planning Dwayne Johnson and Ashley Tisdale to be in the same 2022 movie since Dwayne Johnson was in a movie with Vanessa Hudgens then Zac Efron

Also, my movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kieran Glen Harris Stark (aka The Ultimate Daredevil) and Ashley Tisdale is called "Rusty".

3 Dust Clears

Awesome quality desrves the top place

4 Symphony

I really love this song. I wish I could find love like the lyrics describe.

No. 7 this is wrong, this how it suppose to be
1. symphony
2. I miss you
3. Rockabye
4. Rather be
5. Tears
6. Dust clear

5 Mozart's House
6 Come Over

Nice song... Love it

7 Extraordinary
8 A+E
9 Cologne
10 Up Again

Is the sample a remix? The videos I found on this song don't sound the same - TheInsomniac

The sample is the Drumsound and Bassline Smith remix - TheInsomniac

The Contenders

11 Real Love
12 Tears
13 Show Me Love
14 Stronger

I wanted to be stronger! I wanted to be everything for you! - sryanbruen

15 New Eyes
16 Disconnect
17 Solo
18 Birch
19 Outro Movement III
20 Heart on Fire
21 Telephone Banking
22 I Miss You
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