Best Clean Songs by Post Hardcore Bands

This list contains clean songs by post-hardcore and metalcore bands, without any shouting or growling. They do not necessarily have to be mellow, as long as there is no screaming.

The Top Ten

1 Sunrise - Our Last Night
2 All I Want - A Day to Remember
3 Millennia - Crown the Empire
4 Ides of March - Silverstein
5 To Live and to Lose - Silverstein
6 All Signs Point to Lauderdale - A Day to Remember
7 Age of Ignorance - Our Last Night
8 Late On 6th - Silverstein
9 Younger Dreams - Our Last Night
10 Just Stay - A Skylit Drive

The Contenders

11 Left You Behind - Stick to Your Guns
12 Anthem of Our Dying Day - Story of the Year
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