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21 Norway Norway Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a sovereign and unitary monarchy whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula plus the island Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard.

Never been, but all the sources tell me its by far the cleanest. Takes the number one spot for countries using renewable energy

I went to a music festival, they literately checked the porter potty after each person used it, to see if it needed to be cleaned, and if you dropped trash on the grass, it would literally get picked up within 5 minutes!

Because Norway is the cleanest country

Norway should be #1..

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22 Philippines Philippines The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.

I like the place because its home and the atmosphere is much more fun than most places. I'm filipino and honestly when we brag about stuff we only mention the best places we can find and think of. no one even bothers mentioning the bad side of our country, you know all the corruption and the dodgy urban slums. I know we have take pride and stand for our country and I do but this is reality and seriously we aren't the best country in the world stop saying we are.

Phillipines is so clean especially in davao top 4 in the cleanest city in the world

Yup maybe you're underrating Philippines because in terms of Power, it's one of the least but I tell you guys, it's one of the BEST. One of the cleanest, friendly, hospitable, amazing, adventurous city in the whole world.


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23 Colombia Colombia Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a country situated in the northwest of South America, bordered to the northwest by Panama; to the east by Venezuela and Brazil; to the south by Ecuador and Peru; and it shares maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic more.

What the HELL. Colombia IS AWFUL. GET A LIFE! - adeotto

They're not talking about the politics or what goes on there, Colombia is actually a gorgeous country you bunch of bigot pigs they're talking about the cleanliness of the country and what they do to maintain it that way.

Dude they murder people with police in front of them

Colombia is not a clean country. As you can see on internet slums are worst.

I'm british and last year I dos a tour Of all South america and let me tell you it is one Of the cleaniest place I have ever visited, regardless The fact Of your ignorance Colombia is a beautyful country full of wonderful people, great beaches, a Lot Of biodiversity and modernism, so stop critizicing a country you don't Know anything about I think it is Pretty clear that The haters are just uneducated people that don't have enough money to visit such a lovely country

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24 Russia Russia Russia, known as the "Russian Federation", was formed on Dec 25, 1991. It is located mainly in Asia, while a portion of it remains in Europe. The capital and largest city is Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg in terms of population. The country primarily speaks Russian, a Slavic language. more.

You'll be arrested if you spit gum on the ground or throw paper.

It is a very clean country!


25 Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius, officially the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent.

It's a openly racist and dirty country that likes to beat animals, they dig big holes in the ground to hide garbage.


Hmm everyone knows there responsibility, more greener, higher in tourism industry, not much animal cruelty, no racism, alive each moment, good at communicating, smile always, believe in science, good notoriety, no corruption, everyone is beautiful with a perfect smile and the mauritian girls are too sexy :p, no economic problem, everyone is a teacher as we learn from kids to elders, animals to insects...Generally speaking it is the world topper country and I am lucky to have it. :) :D

26 Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica, officially the Republic of Costa Rica, is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island.

The best, beautiful and superclean

I've been to Costa Rica and honestly it has no pollution or litter. It's just happy people and rain forests

They respect forests and have great nature.

I used to live there now live in America

27 Greece Greece Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, also known since ancient times as Hellas is a country located in southeastern Europe.

Greece is a beautiful country. The mountains are so clean and the people take pride in their country. Even in its current state

I went to Greece and it is so beautiful and clean

Greece, clear sky, so clean, very clean and super clean.

Greece is so clean they should be on thefirstpage

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28 Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is known as the world's second most beautiful capital city. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second more.

I visited Turkey Iran Pakistan and India in 2015 I thought Pakistan wouldn't be the best of places (I just wanted to pass through to get to India) but was amazed by the cleanliness of the country, the people were so hospitable that I stayed their for a extra 3 days.

Come and explore...Most beautiful and amazing places

This is funny because Pakistan is significantly cleaner in general than India which is at top ten. Where's the logic here...

How is Pakistan 27th and India is nearly 1st here I don't get it at all, two neighbouring countries yet big difference in both environment and mindset

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29 Taiwan Taiwan Republic of China was established in 1912. After the Chinese Civil War (1949), the Chinese government relocated to Taiwan. Its capital was originally Nanjing but now it's Taipei. Mandarin is the most spoken language.

Honest Citizens with regular trash pickup that have the most amazing music (Fur Elise) Littering is looked down upon

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30 Hungary Hungary Hungary is a sovereign state in Europe. It is situated in the Carpathian Basin and is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Romania to the east, Serbia to the south, Croatia to the southwest, Slovenia to the west, Austria to the northwest, and Ukraine to the northeast. V 2 Comments
31 Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.

Malaysia is a dirty country

Clean, Safe and Magnificient!

I don't think Malaysia is clean because when I visit there, there's some tree that around it have rubish and make me feel disgust and too many Bangladesh peopleπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. - BeaM456

32 Turkey Turkey Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries with Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, more.

Istanbul is the cleanest place in Turkey

Lovely country nothing to dislike about it.

Is the best country ever

Turkisya very nice

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33 Nepal Nepal Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a sovereign state located in South Asia.

Small country... Naturally beautiful and clean

Populated places are only dirty. others are clean

34 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates, sometimes simply called the Emirates or the UAE, is a country located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, as well as sharing sea borders with Qatar and Iran.

SO confused the UAE isn't in the top 5 cleanest. Ok parts of Dubai are notably dirtier than others but then everything is relative because the majority of the tourist Dubai is so opulent it is breathtaking and that has to maintain a high level of cleanliness. As soon as something gets tatty they just replace it with something newer and shinier!

Dubai is very clean

United Arab Emirates was more clean than the United States

It's the most economy place in the world because there is so much construction

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35 Lithuania Lithuania

If you don't believe me, just come here.

There are bareley any factories, or any pollution causing factors. And many people walk, and use trams.

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36 Iran Iran Iran, also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a sovereign state in Western Asia.

Iran is great and is one of world powers!

They are really mean to women!

Clean country in the world

I have lived in Iran for 13 years.

and I have to say that its one of the dirties countries on the planet.

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37 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known from the beginning of British colonial rule until 1972 as Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India. V 2 Comments
38 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab state in Western Asia (Middle east) constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official Language is Arabic The capital city is Riyadh.

I lived in Saudi Arabia for like 10 years I'm 10 years old and it's like my real country in my opinion Saudi Arabia is clean has malls clean Streets in say it's the 11 or 14 cleanest country

Saudi Arabia is very great country having clean and big roads!

39 Croatia Croatia Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia (independence since 1991), is a sovereign state at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. Its capital city is Zagreb. It is a member of the European Union. During the Cold War it was part of Yugoslavia. It is a cultural more.

Croatia is a Clean Country in Europe

Croatia is a Clean Country in Europe

40 Armenia Armenia

Definitely one of the cleanest countries in Eastern Europe

The most clean country in Europe

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