Top Ten Cleanest Eminem Songs

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1 Mockingbird Mockingbird Cover Art

Cleanest and best Eminem song. everyone should hear this song without hesitation

Only one swear word at the end. The rest is an incredibly moving sentiment. This song proves that filling your music with swearing doesn't always need to happen in order to make a powerful statement.

This is an emotional song not a swearing it only has what? 1-3 swearing parts.

I love this song makes me fill so good

2 When I'm Gone When I'm Gone Cover Art

Dude this song has no swearing at all whatsoever. How is mocking bird number one when it has one swear, at the end. Lose yourself has two swear words and it's second. But this song has not a single swear words and it's third? And the guy above me, what two bad words? I don't see a single one!

Great song, and actually has NO swear words unlike Mockingbird AND Lose Yourself, so I'm not sure why those two are even on this site. But still, they are both good songs, so I see people's views on it.

This a very good song and there is not a single bad word and its very emotional

Masterpiece. It's amazing how the best Eminem song is also the one without any swear words.

3 '97 Bonnie & Clyde '97 Bonnie & Clyde Cover Art

This song gives me nightmares. The hidden meaning isn't hidden atoll. This is not clean. " Daddy made a nice bed for mommy at the bottom of the lake" just because it has no swearing doesn't mean it is clean

ON THE MOST TECHNICAL SPEAKING CASE! This is infact the only song I know that has NO swearing what so ever...

Not one cuss word, it did say hell, but he is talking about Underground. - EminemBrother07

Technically this one is completely clean, (Unless you consider the "h word" a swear), and probably his only completely clean song, however it's probably one of the ones with the most mature topic, (it's about taking his daughter to a lake where he will murder his wife) "Don't play with dada's toy knife honey let go of it", "And mama said she wants to see how far she can float, and don't worry about that little booboo on her shirt, her was eating dinner and spilled 'ketchup' on her shirt..."

4 We Made You We Made You Cover Art

Yo no curses is this seriously an Eminem song. Yeah maybe their are a few bad references but take a look at other relapse songs and this is squeaky clean compared to them

People are getting caught up in which songs on this list are the better songs, but that's not what it's about. It is supposed to be the top 10 cleanest Eminem songs, and this is the only song made by Eminem that has absolutely no swearing (except '07 Bonnie and Clyde, but the subject is very explicit and there is one use of "hell"). So, this song deserves the first place spot. More people need to vote for this song so the list can be truthful to its name.

How is this not number one? No swear words at all.

In terms of swearing very clean, only says damn. Topic is very violent (probably to make up for the lost swears) - aaronm

5 Lose Yourself (8 Mile Soundtrack)

Epic song such an awesome theme too, says 5 swears, two of them pretty bad, but the way he says them almost makes them seem pardonable

Probably the most famous Eminem song. Only a few swear words here and there but they can be easily muted out. It's 15 years old but I still hear it on top 40 radio stations - aaronm

Best song ever, I know there is swearing but the message makes it a clean song

The beat is excellent, very few swear words, probably: 4-5 swears

6 Public Enemy #1 Public Enemy #1 Cover Art

No swearing Mockingbird says the f word. Why is Mockingbird #1? Make this #1

This song has NO swears. WHY isn't IT #1? - aaronm

Agree no single curse

Completely Clean

7 The Monster The Monster Cover Art

This song is almost completely clean except for the S word and F word

It's a clean song but, having 2-3 bad words

Only one swear word, but he raps it so fast it's not like you can hear it anyway - aaronm

This song only has 2 swear word so it should be listed

8 Hailie's Song Hailie's Song Cover Art

Not nearly as much swearing as is the norm for Eminem but still would consider it explicit - aaronm

The song in THE Eminem SHOW. quite clean

9 Fack Fack Cover Art

Right listen to this. I go onto the internet and search Eminem clean songs. It comes up with a list that actually has fack in the seventh place. Please put some thought into your vote

Really clean. Only has one bad thing: "Jenna", which is a reference to Jenna Jameson who is an adult film actor. No swear at all.

No swearing what so ever. Also try Kim its really clean

There actually isn't an official clean version of this because it's too much swearing to censor out - aaronm

10 Not Afraid Not Afraid Cover Art

This song has a lot of swears let's just clarify that. But this song is so positive that you can forgive it. I mean come on, the bridge be is as positive as a nursery rhyme

This one has a few swears, but has already been edited to play on the radio since it fits a little into the pop genre.
4. Love The Way You Lie

It should be number 1

This should be #1

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11 Love the Way You Lie Love the Way You Lie Cover Art

Like Not Afraid, it has been cleaned to play on the radio.

This has to be in the top ten

Only Sais 2 Swear words plus has a clean topic (appoligisng to kim)

Only got 3 f***s in it

12 Just Lose It

Are you kidding? No swears. Mockingbird says "f***", how is it number 1

Cause he talks about molesting

This song only says the "a word" like 4 times so this should be at least #2 if not 1

This song literally has no swear words why is it on even on top 5 or 10?

13 You’re Never Over You’re Never Over Cover Art
14 'Till I Collapse 'Till I Collapse Cover Art

I would definitely not describe this as clean... lots of bad words. It is a really good song though

Its not really that clean, but in terms of Eminem it's clean as soap. Only a few scattered F bombs and some S words in the chorus. It's a really motivational song - aaronm

Has lots of sweating but still good song

So good the one with Nate dogg - Downie

15 Rain Man Rain Man Cover Art

BRUH rain man only says sh** twice and that's it how is this not on the list?!

16 Beautiful Beautiful Cover Art

Love this song lets me know that god loves you for being you

This one has quite a few swears, but they can be beeped out.

Without the main word "F-ed" this song has no energy. It just doesn't belong here.

It says F**k every hook, and it says it at the beginning. - EminemBrother07

17 W.T.P. W.T.P. Cover Art

This song is racist. W.T.P stands for white trash party.

I listen to this song all the time, great party song.

18 3am

Best song! I really love 3AM just don't watch the video you'll be fine listen to 3am if you haven't

Not very many swears, but the topic is really violent. So is the music video - aaronm

I love this song, but I'm never gonna watch the music video.

Says 2 swear words in the whole song doesn't say F ()(K once however the video is pretty violent

19 Talkin 2 Myself Talkin 2 Myself Cover Art

Not really clean language-wise but he's reflecting his life.

20 Beautiful Pain Beautiful Pain Cover Art

Yeah, this only has a few swears but still should be higher.

Cleanest and most meaningful overall of all em's songs.

This needs to be in the top 5 at least

This song is the cleanest of em all
It doesn't even say the f word like really guys, did u really listen to this song, I mean barely says any

21 Infinite

This is one of his older songs, and it's quite clean, except for the talking at the beginning of the song

There was 2 F**ks at the beginning, and one in the middle. - EminemBrother07

22 My Name Is My Name Is Cover Art

Isn't this a slim shady LP song. But this song has pretty explicit and gory lyrics such as "Stick nine inch nails through my eyelids" - SnoopDoggedyDog

Barely any graphic lyrics or swears

Technically there are no swears, but definitely don't let your kids hear this song because there are so many references to inappropriate anatomy

No swearing, but definitely not appropriate in public.

23 Without Me Without Me Cover Art

One of the cleanest Eminem songs ever

Very good song

Yeah, but it also says the S word and the A word a lot - aaronm


24 No Love No Love Cover Art

Is the best Eminem verses ever. The complexity and speed... wow. He kills Lil Wayne.

great song

25 River River Cover Art

It has just a few swears but overall it is good

Not to many swears in it.

He literally shouts the F word. Not clean. - Temporary_

great song

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