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21 Love the Way You Lie

Like Not Afraid, it has been cleaned to play on the radio.

Only Sais 2 Swear words plus has a clean topic (appoligisng to kim)

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22 The Real Slim Shady

Sometimes the topic can be a bit adult

But no swearing. Are you kidding? There are 5 F words, 2 S words, 1 B word, 2 A words, and TONS of mature content - aaronm

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23 Cold Wind Blows

I don't know who put this up. This song definitely would go on the list for top 10 most vulgar songs. It probably has more swears than normal words. - aaronm

24 Business

Slightly less swears than average for Eminem songs - aaronm

Has a few swears but the topic is clean

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25 Careful What You Wish For

Insanely underrated song, that most people have probably never heard. Look it up. Please. It's on iTunes from Relapse: Refill. On CD it was only released on special editon copies of Relapse along with My Darling. More people need to know this powerful song. Even the intro gives you chills. Not even one F word. 5 S words and the H word, not even used in a bad way.

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26 Public Enemy #1

This song has NO swears. WHY isn't IT #1? - aaronm

27 I'm Shady

This song is actually pretty vulgar - aaronm

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29 Rap God

Only around 10 swear words

This has the average amount of swears in Eminem songs, but its actually so fast you can't hear too many of them. The clean version is terrible, it only reverses the words and it misses some (Like I can still hear it every time it says m----f---ing) so that's bad. - aaronm

30 Stan

Kinda average for swearing in Eminem songs - aaronm

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31 Desperation V 1 Comment
32 Headlights

Great song it apologises to Eminems mother for him trash talking her for ever.

It IS pretty clean, but it has a few spots where he says the f word. Other than that, pretty clean. - aaronm

33 Berzerk

This song isn't as explicit as some other songs, but it does swear. - aaronm

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34 Rock Bottom

Not too many swears, but there definitely are some. - aaronm

Very few swears. Maybe 4-5 curse words (2 being the f-word) but nothing serious.

35 Kill You

This should be #1! (On the list of MOST explicit songs) - aaronm

Kill You is really clean. One use of ass.

Swearing: 6 S***, 2 W****, 20 F***, 2 Sh**, 12 B****, 1 G**damn. Total= At least 42 swear words

Sexual content: A lot of sexual content, examples: "Just bend over and take it like a s***, OK MA? "

Violence: Basically the whole song has an alarming level of violence, including choking people slowly so he can hear their screams, using machetes, and chainsaws. Screaming throughout the song.

Drug use: Also talks about cocaine

36 Mosh

Probably THE most underrated Eminem song, it's the best one on Encore. Apart from "Mr. Kiss his a** c****" and "F*** Bush" it's totally clean

Probably the most underrated Eminem song, only bad parts are "Mr. Kiss His A** C****" and "F*** Bush"

37 Phenomenal

Has like 4-3 swear words in song
In video has like 6-7 hard to count
Is good to hear though

38 Speedom

Has aproximitly a lot of swearing including n word but hard to hear tech n9ne and eminem's first song together to I'm glad some of the fastest rappers of all time join rap teams

39 Sing for the Moment

Should be way higher up, has less swears than most in the top 20

It's awesome the original is videos clean you should listen to it very few swearwords and my favorite part is sing,come on sing it with me

40 Biterphobia

No, just no

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