Clemont originates in Pokemon XY, created by Nintendo & game freak. is a gym leader of the lumoise city. He specialized in electric Pokemon and is known as a genius.

In the anime, he traveled along with ash in seasons 17-19. He was able to do so by building a robotic version of himself, called clembot. He went on his journey with ash to become more courageous. Mostly what he did was make inventions that were meant to help the group with something, but usually ended up exploding. The most used invention of his is the aipom arm, in which is an extendable hand that comes out of his backpack. He also was a great cook, as he found cooking 'to be another form of science.' He unfortunately is subject to Bonnie's running gag of her trying to get him to marry a woman. He has low stamina & doesn't enjoy running. At the end of XYZ, he had to go back to being the gym leader, because clembot choose to sacrifice itself to save the world, thus destroying all its memory.

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