Best Cleveland Browns Players Going Into the 2019 Season

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1 Odell Beckham Odell Beckham Jr. is a NFL wide receiver, playing for the New York Giants. He is most-known for making an incredible one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys. Beckham was drafted 12th overall to the New York Giants.

1,000 yards last season Odell is one of the best WR in the league and with Mayfield he could finally get more receiving touchdowns then Mariota in the playoffs - RawIsgore

2 Baker Mayfield Baker Reagan Mayfield is an American football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.

Last year Baker gave Browns fans something they know little about hope and with new players like Odell Beckham and his new and improved defense - RawIsgore

3 Myles Garrett

13 sacks last season a good DE I’ll give you credit Browns you made a good draft pick besides Baker - RawIsgore

4 Nick Chubb

Wow 4 yards off from 1,000 last season Chubb was also a high quality running back and he will stay number 1 on Cleveland until Hunt comes back - RawIsgore

5 Denzel Ward

3 INT last season probably the best pass defender on the Browns possibly one of the best AFC - RawIsgore

6 Jarvis Landry Jarvis Charles Landry is an American football wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. Landry was drafted in the 2nd round sixty third overall to the Miami Dolphins in 2014.

Almost 1,000 yards he was solid last season he may no longer be the 1 receiver but he should still be a solid WR - RawIsgore

7 Damarious Randall

Packers why did you trade him Randell sure he is not the best safety but the guy got 4 INT 2 seasons In a row - RawIsgore

8 Olivier Vernon

No picture? Really well any who he got reunited with Odell and got 7 sacks last season he and Garett should be a dominant duo - RawIsgore

9 Sheldon Richardson Sheldon Adam Richardson is an American football defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

Now Browns fan do me a favor and stop treating him like you just picked up god in free agency with that out of the way Richardson got 4.5 sacks he will add to the explosive pass rush the Browns have - RawIsgore

10 Kareem Hunt

He is low because he is suspended for 8 games but when he comes back he should dominate - RawIsgore

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11 Joel Bitonio
12 David Njoku
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