Top 10 Most Cliché Things Parents Say and Ask

Parents can say and ask cliché things. I counted down the most cliché things they say and ask that I can think of, if there's any I missed feel free to add them.

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1 "How was your day at school?"

Whenever they ask me that, I just say "it was good", even if it was a very terrible day. - NikBrusk

I normally respond either good, great or okay - Martinglez

Your children will say these same things to you.And then you will know how it feels.

It's okkay. I don't care if the best thing ever happened or I was miserable. the answer is always OK. - AnonymousChick

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2 "That isn't how it works in the real world"

If you really know so much about the real world then tell me what the hell does work in the real world? - BoredJeff02

3 "Don't raise your voice at me!"

Even when I whisper my mum accuses me of raising my voice at her and having an attitude. When I don't respond to refrain myself that's rude as well. - 1dogissky

Yet you raised your voice at me... god the 21st century is full of hypocrites. - BoredJeff02

He said with an exclamation point at the end. - TehBoss

4 "Why can't you be more like your brother or sister?"

Maybe cause I'm different and don't want to be more like my sister or brother just common sense. - BoredJeff02

Because I don't want to be a spoiled brat who covers her ears when I eat. Now my brother, he's actually pretty awesome. I wanna be like him. - NikBrusk

So...I have to act EXTREMELY immature like her? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX


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5 "I was once your age, I understand"

You understand what? God this just really gets old. - BoredJeff02

Well, I AM my age, so I understand

True my parents say it all the time. - Arcxia

I really hate the time when children complain about their parents, Whatever they do, they do for you - Ananya

6 "Because I said so!"

Just because you said so, I should do what you request when you yell in my damn face? - BoredJeff02

That's not even a reason! To quote the Three Days Grace song, "Give Me A Reason". People only say this when they don't have any reason. - NikBrusk

You hit the nail in this one Jeff. This is so true. - Arcxia

7 "If a relative jumped off the bridge, are you going to jump off the bridge too?"

No, why even bring up jumping off a bridge over a mistake I made? - BoredJeff02

If he or she had good reason to, yes. - TwilightKitsune

I'd jump off with a rope to save them

How does setting an alarm relate to jumping off bridges? It does not so please stop using this dumb thing. - AnonymousChick

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8 "You're grounded!"

An overrated punishment usually done when you screw up. I understand discipline and all but this one just gets old after years. - BoredJeff02

This isn't cliche, (I AM NOT PUTTING THE ACCENT ON CLICHE BECAUSE I'm NOT SWITCHING TO THE FRENCH KEYBOARD) It's a punishment, you got what you deserved so you get grounded. - SeeU

9 "Where have you been?"

Don't worry about it as long as I'm home. - NikBrusk

As soon as a parent ask this, I feel like facepalming. - BoredJeff02

10 "When I was your age..."

You might've been my age once, but do I really need to listen to you ramble about things you did when you were my age? No, I don't. - BoredJeff02

If parents can't give a damn about their child's life then why should we be intrested in theirs? - Enderninja327

I GET IT OK?! I know you're perfect when you're my age! No need to repeat it for the 500th times! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX


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11 "Stop back talking to me!"

I gave you advice how is that back talking? 21st Century parents are just agitating. - BoredJeff02

12 "Nothing's free"

Naw, really? I thought everything was free. - NikBrusk

13 "Who are you texting?"

Her first name is None, Her middle name is Of Your, and her last name is Business. - NikBrusk

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14 "You can't call your girl/boyfriend"

Parents generally say this to dating teenagers, I'm not dating yet but I can see how it's cliché. - BoredJeff02

15 "Why are you so ugly?" V 1 Comment
16 "You can't use social media"

I swear, my mom takes my iPad every day just to piss me off and make me depressed. - NikBrusk

17 "Resolve your own problems"

You should resolve your own probs..nothing's bad in it, you can't be a parasite forever - Ananya

18 "Give me your phone"
19 "Don't You Disrespect Me!"

Yet you disrespected me ever heard of what comes around goes around? - BoredJeff02

20 "I am an adult" V 1 Comment
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