Top 10 Most Cliche Plushies

We’ve had a list with some truly quirky (but cute) plushies, consisting of everything from condoms to demons. Now it’s time for a list considering of plushies that you see WAY too often. The ones that literally EVERYONE wants. The ones you’re fed up of seeing.

The Top Ten

1 Beanie Boos

Don’t forget to tap the plushies’ images! - Muffet13

2 Build A Bears
3 Giant Teddy Bears
4 Unicorn Soft Toys
5 Generic Teddy Bears
6 Soft Toys That Sing
7 Disney Soft Toys
8 Baby Dolls

Some are plush-like, but they’re all generally overhyped. Get a condom plushie instead! (yes, those actually exist! ) - Muffet13

9 New Movie Soft Toys

Whenever a new movie comes out, the kids want the plushies! - Muffet13

10 Fun Fair Toys

The ones at funfairs, with cheap velour, are terrible! Make your own instead, as suggested in the image! - Muffet13

The Contenders

11 Paw Patrol Plush
12 Pokemon Plushies

I see these a lot, especially Pikachu

Of course - ElSherlock

13 Webkinz
14 Beanie Babies
15 Elmo Plush
16 My Little Pony Plushies
17 Easter Plushies

Examples of this are Easter Bunny plushies and plush baby chicks

18 Christmas Plushies

Like Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa

19 Snoopy Plush
20 Care Bears
21 Minecraft Plush
22 Valentine’s Plushies

Examples of this are Teddy Bears or other animals holding hearts or animals with hearts on them.

23 Emoji Plushies
24 Giant Plushies
25 Happy Meal Plushies

These are the ones you can get in Happy Meals. Almost every kid has at least one.

26 Key Chain Plushies

They are smaller versions of plushies with a key chain on them. Kids almost always have one on their back pack.

27 “My First” soft toys

Often given to babies. They have soft colours, usually white, grey, blue and pink. - Muffet13

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