Top 10 Cliches In Disney Movies

This list idea was suggested to me by Turkeyasylum.

The Top Ten

1 Princes and Princesses
2 Love at First Sight

Especially all because we just had to have Elsa say. "You can't marry a man you just met. Enchanted used that line first but why Frozen had to use it too? Huh?

Older classics/fairytales, including Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Thumbelina are always better than that dreadful Frozen movie.

3 Rescuing Damsels
4 Losing Parents
5 Animal and Inanimate Object (Ones That Come to Life) Sidekicks
6 Dumb Villain Henchmen
7 Every Princess Sings Well
8 Characters Sing In Random Moments
9 The Main Character Being In a Royal Family
10 Villains (Or Anyone) Falling to Their Death

The Contenders

11 Non-Human Characters

How about Baymax? He's not human.

12 Magic
13 The Henchmen Gets Abused for Joining In the Main Villains Evil Laugh
14 "Happily Ever After" Ending
15 One or Both of the Parents Dying
16 Talking Animal
17 A Character Dies Then Comes Back
18 Comic Relief Side Characters
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1. Princes and Princesses
2. Rescuing Damsels
3. Animal and Inanimate Object (Ones That Come to Life) Sidekicks
1. Losing Parents
2. Characters Sing In Random Moments
3. Princes and Princesses


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