Top 10 Cliches in Paranormal/Horror Movies


The Top Ten

1 The ghost takes over a kid's body The ghost takes over a kid's body

The exorcist, Paranormal activity, use this not only is it annoying, but it's plain weird. is this ghost a pedo cause they seem to enjoy getting into kid's bodys a lot. I wonder if before they died they swore to grab at kids. but still it's the Number 1 cliche ever made. It's strange and weird - Adventurur2

2 People call doctors

And no one believes them - Adventurur2

3 The killer wears a mask

Friday the 13th, Halloween,Scream. what is with everyone wearing masks? next thing you know the victims will wear masks - Adventurur2

4 Police are useless

Dude every time they try to tell the police they don't give a crap - Adventurur2

5 Knifes are used

Knifes are the only weapons people (mostly the killers) think to use - Adventurur2

6 Hiding in a cabin

This is lame cause the victims aren't smart enough to hide somewhere SAFE - Adventurur2

7 A heroine

It annoys me how a woman is always the last one left and of course she saves it
she kills the killer. the directors must had been either Sexists or Feminist - Adventurur2

8 Tripping over nothing

If they're tripping on pebbles or something they have REALLY small feet - Adventurur2

9 The killer falls off something

That's how they die - Adventurur2

10 The ghost is a sad person who committed suicide

In Annabelle Creation the ghost was a girl that got hit by a car

The Contenders

11 The villain has a better and more sympathetic back story than any of the protagonists

You know... you can't really see Sadako or Samara as a villain when her wrath is truly understandable. Then again, that's why thr movies are so great. Except for this dumb Ringu 0 of course. - Martin_Canine

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