Top Ten Cliches In Philippine Teleseryes

The Top Ten

1 Lost twin

Usually due to baby swapping at birth.

2 Predetermined soulmate of main character

The protagonist usually meets the man/woman that he or she will marry at one point in childhood and will meet again in their teens/early adulthood. Also real-life couples influences the story.

3 Gun violence in the end

No matter how innocent the premise, the villain will go desperate in the end and draw the gun.

4 Goody good shoes main hero

The protagonist is usually too good to a fault during most of the series being a doormat to the villain.

5 Cover or recycled song as main theme

Usually teleseryes used a pre-existing song as the main theme.

6 Gay close friend of female villain

If the villain of the story is a woman, she will almost always have a gay friend to confide to.

7 Grand wedding ending

No matter how impractical this is for the characters concerned.

8 Rich VS. Poor

The main character's family is usually poor, the villain's clan is rich, maybe the love interest of the main character is rich if the main character is female. Middle-class people doesn't exist.

9 The police are always late

More common in superhero and action series. They are basically late and is only there to examine the crime scene.

10 There is always romance

Almost Every teleserye has a love team in it.

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