Top 10 Cliches Present in Undertale


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1 Power Of Friendship montage during the final boss battle (Pacifist)


2 Scripted Boss Fights
3 Black-and-White Morality
4 One-Winged Angel (Sans in his Genocide final boss battle)
5 Scientific Zombie Apocalypse
6 Sibling Duos
7 Getting your health reduced to 1 during the final boss fights
8 Nerd-Stereotype Characters
9 The Brute (Undyne)
10 Silent Protagonists

The Contenders

11 Deceptively Cute Villains
12 Everything made by Toby Fox needs to have at least one usage of Megalovania in it
13 Forest/Fire/Water Levels
14 Joke Bosses
15 Faux-Retro Graphics
16 Annoying Helper Characters
17 One-Hit Boss Deaths
18 Nerd Glasses
19 Scary Glowing Eyes
20 Crapsaccharine World
21 Sudden Villain Identity Twist
22 Surprisingly Female Characters (Alphys and Undyne)
23 Split-Personality Protagonist
24 Pun Freaks (Sans)
25 Turn-Based Combat
26 Plucky Comic Relief
27 Anthro = Rule 34
28 Cartoon Animals
29 Little Miss Fanservice (Undyne, Toriel, Alphys and Muffet)
30 Indie games paying loving tribute to certain professionally-developed games of very similar natures (Earthbound in this case)
31 Title Anagram (Delta Rune)
32 Mid-Game Title Screen
33 Tutorial Level
34 Cloyingly Cute Characters
35 Pun-Based Names
36 Final Bosses With Ridiculously Over-The-Top Attacks
37 Excessively Fan-Favorited Characters (Sans and Papyrus)
38 Handsome Douchebags (Mettaton, Burgerpants and Adult Asriel)
39 Ending So Happy It Tastes Like Diabetes (in the Pacifist run)
40 Bosses with deceptively intimidating appearances
41 Literally invincible enemies and bosses
42 Brains-and-Brawn Duos
43 Fat-and-Skinny Duos
44 Edgy Character Backstories
45 Paranoid Coward (Alphys)
46 Fake Final Bosses
47 Glass Cannons
48 Entirely Pointless Minigames
49 Falling At The Speed Of Plot
50 Lethal Lava Land
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1. Power Of Friendship montage during the final boss battle (Pacifist)
2. Scripted Boss Fights
3. Black-and-White Morality


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